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The 12th July 2020 marks the beginning of Love Parks week. The purpose of Love Parks Week is to strum up appreciation and interest in our local parks. Often parks can be neglected and tarnished with litter being left behind and local areas becoming overgrown and unappealing.

Love Parks Week aims to encourage care and a conscientious attitude towards our nation’s fantastic green spaces.

During lockdown, parks and outdoor areas were crucial in maintaining physical and mental health. It was a fantastic opportunity for people to truly appreciate the open, outdoor spaces around them, utilising them during an extremely difficult time.

Ordinarily, there would be lots of events happening to celebrate Love Parks Week. However, some events may be impacted due to the ongoing situation.

However, here are some ideas to help you celebrate Love Parks Week 2020:

  • Take a picnic to your local park with your bubble of friends and family.
  • Arrange a litter pick in your local community park.
  • Arrange a bird watching activity with your kids in the park. You could extend this to a mini-beasts hunt.
  • Allow the kids to design a play area that they would love to have in their local park.

So, make the most of your local park this week; take the time to truly appreciate it and consider how you can contribute to looking after your park and making it as lovely as possible!