Lockdown Memories

Lockdown has, undeniably, been a challenging time for all of us. However, a positive result of lockdown is the amount of time families have had to spend together.

Why not get your kids to complete one of these memory arts and crafts activities? These fantastic activities will ensure that you can look back on lockdown and remember all the great times you shared as a family.

 Activity 1: Paper Memory Jars

Memory Jar

This fantastic paper arts and craft activity allows your kids to reflect on lockdown and the precious memories they will hold onto. The jar allows your child to consider their favourite moments with their family, the funniest memory they have of lockdown, the best thing they have learned and their favourite personal memory.

This activity is highly customisable and gives your kids the opportunity for positive reflection and creativity. Click here to download instructions. 

  Activity 2: Family Handprints Memory Cast

Sourdough Hand Cast

  This fantastic activity allows your family to cast their handprints in salt dough, making a highly personal keepsake! You can label the cast with your family name and add a subtitle, something along the lines of ‘Lockdown 2020’.

   Download the instructions here to create a wonderful keepsake that you will treasure forever.

Activity 3: Paper Hands Keepsake

paper hand prints

     A simple but highly effective and personal craft activity which will mark the unity and support of your family during lockdown This paper hands keepsake will provide fun for all the family and is something to be cherished. It is straightforward, easy and will look fantastic in a picture frame!

    To make this handprint keepsake, follow the instructions linked here.