Home Learning Lesson Ideas

Undeniably, this year has been troubling and strange. Everyone’s lives have been impacted by Covid-19 in one way or another. It is a big worry for most that children have missed out on months of schooling, with the majority being unlikely to return to the classroom until September.

Home learning doesn’t have to be a chore. We believe that learning should be fun and as personable as possible. Educating your children at home offers a fantastic opportunity to adapt the curriculum to meet your child’s needs and interests. Moreover, it is vital to participate in learning activities which offer flexibility around the working schedule and other commitments of parents/guardians.

For this blog we have compiled a selection of activities which are educational, fun, and adaptable to your individual needs.

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Code Breaking

Make a super fun code breaking activity for your kids. This is not only a fun and enjoyable educational game, it is also a fantastic opportunity to improve your kid’s recall of times table facts. Click here for instructions on how to complete this fantastic maths game. 

Silly Sentences 

Engage your children in writing by giving them chance to be a little silly! Children will combine different word classes to create the silliest, funniest sentences they can.

Click here for some example words you could use in this activity.

Story Scavenger Hunt

A super fun way to engage your kids in reading! This activity will encourage your little ones to pay attention to their books and challenge them to find information and details in a wide range of books. Click here to find out how. 

Ben Williamson
Creative Writer
Ben is passionate about Montessori learning for children and has written for many parenting publications to bring the magic of real play to families in the UK. After graduating in 2009, his career has enabled him to work in areas such as Child Development and Psychology. As a great believer that learning starts at home, he combines his experience with his own parenting style to help bring other families together.