Halloween Potions Activities

It is only 10 days until the most scary night of the year! With traditional trick or treat taking more of a backseat this year, enjoy this spooky season in the comfort of your homes with our at home Halloween activities! Alongside engaging in traditional family board games with a tonne of sweets, you can still showcase your best Halloween costumes and take part in a variety of spooky kid-friendly ideas! 

This blog is dedicated to chemistry with a terrifying twist! 

Activity 1 - Loathsome Lava Lamps

Kids absolutely love this science experiment! The primary school teachers in our design team have trialled and tested this experiment in the classroom to great success! We have compiled a step by step guide on how to create your own Halloween lava lamps!

Activity 2 - Scary Slime

Slime is loved by many children! There are slime variations available from a host of retailers including fluffy slime and unicorn slime! BUT, slime is actually super easy to make and we have compiled a guide to show you how to make your own DIY slime this Halloween!

Activity 3 - Peculiar Potions

It wouldn't be Halloween without a potions activity! We have adapted traditional potion recipes to have a spooky twist! This is a brilliant, easy and adaptable Halloween activity for kids; read our step by step guide.

So dust off your costumes, collect your board games, stock up on sweets and gather supplies for these super fun and easy Halloween activities! Share what you get up to over on Instagram @jaquesoflondon.