What Are the Best Games for Family Games Night?

The best family games nights deserve the best family games to play.

That means providing as much fun for grandparents as grand-kids, whilst also ensuring that mum and dad aren't stuck with hours of complicated rule reading. So, let's create some unforgettable memories, as Jaques of London guides you through the very best games for family games nights in.

Whether hunting out the best family board games or indulging in some unique familial fun, consider us your experts in household hilarity.


Games for the Whole Family


Bingo Hall

It’s time to work on your calls, because when it comes to family games night, there is no better way to hit the jackpot. Ignore the stereotypes, bingo is far more than gambling granny gratification. Instead, it is the perfect game for family games night. Proving ideal for young learners taking their first steps in numerics, it also affords experienced players the chance to show off their long-trained calling credentials. Number 8! Come play with Jaques.


A Jaques Classic

Jaques of London are the creators of some of the world’s most beloved family games. From Tiddledy Winks to Snakes & Ladders, our lineage is your direct route to family games night glory. For centuries, we have invented gaming titles that are guaranteed to delight the entire family. So, whether growing baby teeth or popping in dentures, Jaques range of classics are ready to take a giant bite out of boredom, with the best traditional family board games, for players of every generation.


Puzzle Party

All hands on deck for a family jig. Don’t worry, we aren’t talking about an evening of tearing up the dance floor. At Jaques, the only shuffling required is that of jigsaw pieces into perfect order. Our range of jigsaw puzzles are the perfect way to bring everyone together, for a night of relaxing family play.


Family Casino

Place your bets and show your hands. It’s time to play croupier and invite everyone in on the family shuffle. Games night will be a shining beacon of excitement, as the bright lights of Vegas grace your home, for an unforgettable evening of play. Jaques is your friendly casino dealer, with our fabulous deluxe card designs and roulette wheel set ensuring that the fun will never stop spinning. Just be sure to follow the house rules... Kids must always win!


Ping Pong

We wouldn’t like to toot our own mini-tennis trumpet, but Jaques of London is also the original home of ping pong. Still creating exact replicas of our original 1901 ping pong set design, there is no easier way to turn the dinner table into a winners table, as your centre-piece gives way to centre court. Simply set your net up and prepare to crown your homes‘ king-Kong of ping pong.


For the best traditional family board games, leisure activities and after dinner delights, Jaques of London guarantees fun for the whole family. So, the next time you ask, ‘What are the best games for family games night?’, feel free to take a tip from our own play-pros and turn your evening into one you will want to relive over and over again.

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