DIY Board Games

DIY Board Games


Make Your Own Board Games


The Power of Real Play has been shown to help children cement their own sense of self-worth and helps to increase their confidence and independence by learning new skills.

Best of all, real play over screen time has the added benefit of letting families play together, creating bonds between generations which also gives children the opportunity to express themselves to adults in a relaxed and safe environment.  

One of the best ways we know to bridge that generational gap and to encourage positive family time is Board Games.

Every generation has had their own versions and favourites and this week we will give you our best tips to create your own at home. 

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Board games are a great way to give children the opportunity to play and learn. Making your own board game is much easier than you may think and is a cheap and easy way to play together as a family.  

Try choosing a simple template such as snakes and ladders or drafts as a good starting point.  
Homemade Board game rules

First, sketch out the board of your chosen game for example, if you want to create your own snakes and ladders game

Start by drawing a grid of numbers 1-100 on a square piece of paper. You can then draw in your snakes and ladders on different squares. Although if you'd prefer there are plenty of downloadable designs you can print off online.

Don't be afraid to personalise it and make it as colourful and customised as you like.  

Next, make your pieces. You can use whatever materials you like, from making figures out of modelling clay or play-dough to even using a bottle top or a button to make a fun and inexpensive game piece. A dice template is also very easy to make from paper or cardboard or if you already have dice lying around, you can always opt for this instead.  

Button Craft for homemade board games

Board games help children with motivation and you can see their excitement and joy as they win a game and achieve their goal. Board games are also great for problem-solving skills.

Moreover, as many board games can take time to complete, it also helps children improve their attention and concentration levels.

Many publishers now have online arts and crafts printables to do at home, so if your child has a favourite author or book, try having a look to see if there are any available free activity materials which could also be incorporated into a board game template too.  

DIY Board Game Family

Made any of your own board games share them with us #antiscreenrevolution. 

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