Homemade Cup Calculator Game for Kids

Playing maths games with children can be a wonderful way to spark their creativity, help them spot patterns as well as inspiring them to have fun with numbers while learning their value. But educational toys for kids don't have to break the bank - there are lots of fantastic, easy to make maths games you can do at home practically for free! Like this cup calculator for example.


Make your own maths game 1
Make your own maths game 2
Make your own maths game 3


The cup calculator is a twisty game with plenty of number fun to be had without a screen in sight. The power of real play enables children to build essential learning skills through play and the cup calculator is an easy toy for learning.


Make your own maths game 4


We all know that it can be hard to keep younger children engaged these days with the lure of the television ever present, but making your own learning toys for kids can be just as rewarding for you as it is fun for them. So, next time you are stuck for home activities, why not try and make some of these great screen free activities at home - and lots of special memories too. From our family to yours