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5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Learn A Foreign Language

European Day of Languages 2020 is here and at Jaques of London, we are passionate about education We believe that our little ones should be offered a wealth of opportunity for studying language and so try to support the EDL campaign.

 As a family run company specialising in wooden toys, we offer you lovingly developed products packed full of extra benefits, including language acquisition 

Learning a foreign language is undoubtedly a valuable skill which will benefit your little learners throughout their lives.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider helping your kids to learn an additional language.  




Reason 1 – More career opportunities  

Knowing another language can increase your job prospects.

Namely, it means you can work in different countries, you can converse with business partners and customers around the world and having learnt a second language suggests you are focused and hardworking.

As well as this, if you are applying for a competitive position alongside others with similar experience, knowing a second language gives you an edge above your competitors.

Learning young means that our kids develop a deeper understanding of foreign languages and can consider a wider range of opportunities as they grow.  

Reason 2 – inspires a positive attitude towards different cultures 

We live in an increasingly diverse planet made up of a beautiful mixture of cultures and languages. Learning a foreign language allows our little ones to see that there are numerous different ways of life around the world.

It can also mean that kids are eager to find out more about the culture of the country associated with the language they are learning and may encourage them to travel when they are older.  

Reason 3 – Develops empathy and regard for others  

Learning another language helps kids to understand the difficulties that others might experience when they speak English as a second language. Moreover, it encourages kids to be empathetic and sensitive towards those who struggle to speak English. They will understand that learning a language is a complex skill that requires time, dedication, and patience.  

Reason 4 – Improve your kid’s grasp of the English language 

Studies have revealed that learning a second language helps improve English skills. Our little learners will learn about the complex nature of languages including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Kids will become more aware of the many layers of the English language.   

Reason 5 – Develop problem-solving skills and resilience 

Learning a new language is no mean feat! Kids will come across difficulties when learning a new language. They will figure out ways to persevere and try different methods to reach their language goal. This perseverance and determination will transfer across to all areas of life. 


Studies have proven that the younger your kids are when they start to learn a language the better they will be!

When kids are toddlers and babies, their minds are still growing and are moulded by what they see around them daily.

Kids who learn a language at a young age tend to have better pronunciation. As adults, our ability to absorb the complexities of a new language are inferior in comparison to a child’s ability.  

Although kids are brilliant at absorbing the necessary information needed to learn a new language, it is better to focus on just one language at a time, making sure they fully understand it and are reasonably fluent. An ideal time to introduce a new language would be between the ages of 5-7 as most children are confident with their mother tongue by this point.  We are sure you will agree there are many benefits in learning a new language for our little learners. There are some fantastic language books for kids on the market as well as accompanying learning resources.  

At Jaques of London, we are committed to helping your kids develop and grow, both educationally and personally. We have a fantastic range of educational toys which is continually growing! 





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