10 Marvellous Mindfulness Techniques for Children

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An awareness of Mindfulness is becoming increasingly essential as a part of modern education for children. With the ever-increasing stresses associated to social media and the rapidity of today’s world, The Centre for Mental Health released a recent study to show that young people often experience a 10 year gap between experiencing mental health issues and seeking any kind of personal assistance or treatment.

As such, practice in mindfulness has never been more important. Join Jaques of London, as we look at 10 marvellous Mindfulness Techniques for Children.


Balloon Belly Breathing Technique – Find a safe and quiet place to lie yourself down. Imagine a balloon in your stomach, ready to expand and deflate upon your command. As you slowly breathe in, imagine a balloon growing to fill your stomach. As you breathe out, imagine the balloon slowly deflating.


Colouring – Release the pressure through paint and calm with crayons. Colouring is a wonderful way to close off the analytical side of the brain. By revealing the creative process, we develop strong connections to our emotions, attention, wellness, and stress reduction.


Tensing Muscles – Working from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, tense each individual muscle one by one. Hold each muscle for 5 seconds and then release. As you do so, notice how the tension and stress has left your body.


Meditation – Mediation is about discovering moments of clarity. Creating a space for mental and physical well-being. Regular meditation in children is shown to be beneficial to anxiety, depression, educational achievement, social behaviour, and sleep.


Safe Place – Visualise your perfect safe place. A place where you feel welcomed and free from stress and anxiety. By picturing this place with regularity, it can become a mental palace of relief from the pressures of the outside world. With enough practice, we develop muscle memory for this period of escape and can easily draw on those same feelings when most needed.


Yoga Pose – Become a warrior of welcoming wisdom and guide your child through their own private home yoga lesson. Begin with an easy resting pose, like the one shown below. Try combining this pose with the breathing techniques we have already learned.


Soothing Sounds – Send your soul soaring through bird-song skies and relish the relaxation of rain. The sounds of the great outdoors provide adults and children alike with a natural journey of serenity.


Get Creative – Craft your way to personal well-being and immerse your emotions in the calming wonder of creativity. Draw upon relaxation, write a letter to harmony, and sing your soul to total zen. Loosen your thoughts and spark the freedom of creative expression.


Sit in the Sun – Double down on Vitamin D for a free dose of warm feelings, happy emotions, and peaceful relaxation. Soak in the good feeling of our favourite skyline companion.


Comforting Cuddles – Cuddles are our familial comfort blankets. Bring mindfulness magic to life and soothe the mind and body in the support of loving, safe, and caring arms.


Head over to resource central at the Mini Minds Hub for your Free Mindfulness Printouts


– Peace of Mind in your Child’s Pocket.


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