What to Get A Kid Who Loves Dinosaurs

Wondering what to buy a kid who loves dinosaurs? Well, Jaques of London is here with some Roar-some news. Whether hunting down the perfect playtime for lizard learners or Jurassic joy seekers, there is over 60 million years’ worth of dino delights just waiting to be dug up, dusted off and put on display—making play and palaeontology the greatest of pre-historic friends. 


When it comes to bringing the world of dinosaurs to life, fun, excitement and education should never be extinct. So, let’s take a big bite into the world of dino fun and see what wonders we can uncover together.


Dinosaur Puzzles

Palaeontologists specialise in putting the pieces back together. From Argentina to Aylesbury, dinosaur bones are scattered all around the globe. Fortunately, your own little reptilian reveller will be able to connect their own pieces without the world trip. With Jurassic jigs in hand, carnivores and herbivores are waiting to come to life before their eyes, with Jaques array of exciting dinosaur puzzles for kids.


Battling Bipeds

Dinosaurs were built for battle. What better way for youngsters to bring their wildest imaginations to life than with a Cretaceous collection of dinosaur figures? Ever wondered who would emerge victorious between the mighty T-Rex and the spine-tingling Spinosaurus? Who could run faster between a Raptor and a Gallimimus? It’s time for small scientists to run the tests, with their own array of unstoppable eating machines.


Educational Dinosaur Games 

Fossil fun is only ever one giant step away with dinosaurs, so make even more of your child's playtime and add an unforgettable learning experience to knowledge-hungry carnivorous minds. Dinosaur names provide youngsters with an incredible opportunity to develop memory and vocabulary, with their own natural curiosity for this fascinating world, sure to have them out-pronouncing you with predatory precision.


Personalised Dinosaur Gifts 

Nothing says “I love dinosaurs”, quite like owning your own collection of personalised dinosaur gifts. Whether a mummy or daddy-saurus, you will never be seen as cold-blooded when gifting your own dinky-dino with their very own monstrous marvels.


Dino Dining 

Whether carnivorous or herbivorous, all dinosaurs like to take a bite out of their prey. So why not put the mighty jaws of your own tyrannosaurus-tykes to the test, with a selection of mouth-watering, past-inspired snacks. From triceratops treats to dilophosaurus dinners, dinosaur shape cutters are the perfect way to bring the mighty mammoths to mealtime, whilst ensuring that even the vegetables aren’t safe from the sharp teeth that await them.


Colouring Time 

Ever thought that dinosaurs needed some brightening up? The kids do. Gift your child their very own dinosaur colouring book and see why the T-Rex has been roaring aloud for a touch of pink in its life.


Come and pay a visit to our very own digital park, with our wonderful collection of the very best dinosaur toys for children. The next time you ask yourself what to buy a kid who loves dinosaurs, think back to the advice from Jaques of London. Just call us Jurassic Jaques, putting the fun into the fundamentals of dino discovery.

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