What Are The Best Educational Toys?

We believe that the power of play is the key to helping kids learn and allows them to have fun whilst doing so! Learning should always be made fun and engaging and, here at Jaques, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality wooden toys that are educational for boys and girls of all ages.


It’s learning time! 

Our Let’s Learn Calendar Clock with moveable wooden hands contains arrows and tabs which will allow children to show the days of the week, months of the year, weather, date and season. It also helps teach kids the spelling of the days and months, recognising numbers and features five-minute time intervals and is the perfect interactive toy that teaches kids multiple motor skills all in one!


Make spelling E-A-S-Y!

Our Let’s Learn to Spell Puzzle is designed to support kids with introducing letters and phonics with our beautifully illustrated double-sided cards. It features a mixture of 3 to 4 letter words which are the perfect amount to introduce children to spelling and phonics overall. Our puzzle includes bright and vibrant cards containing various pictures which we encourage children to spell out using the letters provided and can even spell out their own words once they’re confident!


Learn on the go!

Our Wooden Cube Shape Sorter toy! This beautifully crafted wooden sorting cube features brightly coloured shapes which then children need to place back inside using the correctly shaped whole. The sliding lid also makes our Shape Sorter portable, meaning that kids can learn to use their hand-eye coordination no matter where they are!


Unleash your inner musician

Encourage imaginative play and creative expression with our Kids Xylophone! Specifically designed for little hands, our bright rainbow xylophone makes music even more fun and engaging for kids. The multicoloured xylophone bars are labelled with letters corresponding to musical notes, letting them know that they are hitting the right notes! We also include a complimentary music sheet that has some classic nursery rhymes which children can learn, or they can make up their own songs! Hours of fun and entertainment for boys and girls of all ages!


Teach your kids to be a maths whizz

Our Let’s Learn Number Activity Set! The perfect educational toy for both boys and girls, it will help them recognise a wide range of numbers and begin to create an understanding and development of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in a practical, captivating way!


All our educational toys are designed by UK Teachers and we hope you enjoyed our hand-selected  toys that toddlers and kids love! Make sure to browse our Let’s Learn range for plenty more toy inspiration. Or check out our Mini Minds Hub—a great place for free learning resources to suit all ages and key stages!

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