The Many Benefits Of Gardening for Kids

The Benefits of Gardening for Kids


Here at Jaques of London we LOVE outdoor games and are the proud inventors of many fantastic garden games, such as our world renowned Croquet. We believe that gardening goes hand in hand with outdoor games for kids. There are numerous benefits that gardening has for childhood development. Read on to find out more.


Benefits Gardening Has For Kids

  • Gardening is the perfect way to teach kids about nature and the environment. Children will get hands on, practical experience in identifying different types of plants and will become familiar with a range of bugs and creepy crawlies!

  • Getting green-fingers is a super introduction to early science for kids . Through gardening, kids will develop an understanding of plant life cycles and food chains through observations of plants and wildlife. Moreover, children will be able to observe the effect that seasons have on the garden, plants and wildlife. Hands-on learning is such a valuable method of education.

  • There are numerous sensory benefits in gardening. Children will explore using their sight, hearing, smell, touch and even taste (we would only recommend eating fruit and vegetables you have grown, however!). Moreover, lawn games boast similar benefits.

  • The sensory nature of gardening means it is a fantastic way for kids to relieve stress and relax. Children can put their energy into their gardening, distracting them from feelings of anger, sadness, and stress. It is a fantastic activity to boost positive mental health.

  • By gardening, children will develop organisational skills. They will need to remember to plant seeds at the right time, water the plants daily, trim and prune their plants and so on. It encourages a sense of responsibility, which is a vital life skill.

  • As well as teaching organisation and taking responsibility, kids will develop patience. They will need to exercise patience when waiting for seeds to germinate and for plants to bloom and they will need to patiently care for the garden in order to enjoy success.

  • Gardening promotes positive mental health and physical health. Through gardening, kids will burn off energy and their physical strength and overall fitness will improve. Enjoying the fresh air also contributes to a healthy body and healthy mind. Moreover, in terms of mental health, gardening is an ideal distraction from worries and frustration, leading to reduced stress levels. Yard games and gardening enable relaxation, again benefiting mental health.

  • Gardening is a lifelong hobby! It is a consistent past time that has been enjoyed for generations. It is a hobby that children will not outgrow, as it is suitable for adults and kids alike. Gardening for beginners is accessible and highly adaptable, meaning it is never too late for people to start.

  • Garden provides kids with imaginative freedom and allows them to express themselves creatively through the plants they grow and the way their garden looks.

Girl in Garden


Child Gardeners of Instagram

We took to Instagram to ask parents and carers for their opinions on gardening for kids:

  • ‘We love gardening! It's so beneficial for toddlers to get outside and work their fine and gross motor skills, all whilst learning about nature! This year we've grown some beautiful plants, sadly out carrots never materialised 😅! I also find that when Stella gets to her cranky/tired time of the day, a great strategy is to get outside and water the plants! Water play fixes everything 🙌!’
  • ‘My daughter absolutely loves the outdoors, she loves seeing creepy crawlies and digging in the mud! We've actually got her a mud kitchen for her birthday!’
  • ‘My kids love gardening, well they love digging...! 😂.. I'm afraid they've inherited my gardening skills as we've not managed to grow anything.. 8 years and 5 children later..’

  • ‘Teddy absolutely loves getting stuck in and getting some gardening done. He pulled out a worm 🐛 few week back I nearly had a heart attack 😂 so glad he like to just get on and help’

  • ‘My children absolutely love gardening! In fact we all do, we love being outside, we love all kinds of plants and an activity like gardening does the world of good for our family, if the mood is a bit low, out to the garden and plant, or dig and moods are lifted - sky high! My girls absolutely love finding little bugs, they name them and try to find them homes 😅❤️’
  • ‘My kids love gardening and anything outdoors. They love finding bugs and seeing flowers grow. We completely reseeded our garden and they loved seeing the transformation ❤️’

  • ‘Mine both love gardening ♡ they are 2 and 4 Hugo gets so excited seeing things grow and Sofia loves to help pat down the soil ♡♡♡’
  • ‘My two kids absolutely love gardening and both help water the flowers every day! They also help to pot up the plants!💜’

  • ‘Yes. We planted vegetables and flowers. My picky children eat what they grew gladly even if they wouldn’t eat the same thing from the shop. Organic as well! Winner! We love it!’
  • ‘My two love being out in the garden planting flowers or even vegetables and watching them grow gets them really excited. Every day going out to water them 🌿’
  • ‘My little ones love being in the garden. They have grown beans this year and the biggest sunflower I've seen’
Boy Growing Runner Beans

  • ‘Arlo is nearly three and he likes the idea of helping but really just likes to make a mess 😂 he does help me rake up when I finish mowing the lawn and it seems to calm him. Also a sense of achievement as he's helped mummy 😍’

    Summer Holiday Kids Gardening Ideas

    When it comes to the long, 6-week summer holiday, gardening is an ideal way to keep kids busy! Summer gardening is a fantastic place to start, with many beautiful plants already fully in bloom. Gardening is the perfect way to draw kids away from the screen, lending nicely to our Mini Minds Hub. Our Mini Minds Hub Blogs will give you numerous tips and ideas for screen-free fun in and around your home!

    Here we have some gardening ideas for kids and the whole family! This is an ideal way to get started with gardening for kids, regardless of whether you are an expert gardener or a novice gardener! When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, gardening centres have an array of gardening gifts and numerous ideas for children's gardening set.

    Once your garden is looking beautiful, why not indulge in some garden games? At Jaques of London, we sell an impressive range of Garden Games, being the original inventors of Croquet alongside many more traditional games. We have a brand new, ever expanding, Let’s Explore range too, which will entice children to explore the great outdoors and experiment with garden toys and garden games.

    Share what you get up to with us over on our Facebook and Instagram @jaquesoflondon - use the hashtags #jaquesoflondon , #antiscreenrevolution and #gardening !


    Family Gardening Ideas


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