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The Best in Online Child Education for Mini Minds

Tired of searching the web for the best online child education resources? Little learners deserve the very best start, and with the Jaques of London Mini-Minds Hub, educational excitement is only ever a few easy clicks away. 

Working closely with parents and teachers, our exclusive online portal is bursting at the seams with the very best in cost-free, daily, academic assistance.

Whether mathematically motivated or lured by language, keep reading to discover how to make the most of your child's screen time and become a headteacher of your own household.

Placed on home-schooling duty, or looking to shake up playtime, Mini Minds, prepare to be marvelled.

Why Jaques?

Jaques of London carry one distinct ethos throughout everything we do, excitement and education should go hand-in-hand. In creating the greatest online learning resource for kids, our web-wizards have conjured up an educational environment that is easy-to-use, up-to-date with the current curriculum, visually inspiring, and above all else, a personal learning space for each and every small scholar.

Our online children's education portal is designed to bringing learning to life, at the speed of light. Every resource can be easily searched by age and subject, with key stage 1 and 2 lessons available in maths, literacy, geography, history, phonics, music, gardening, art and so much more. No more waiting around for the lesson to begin. With the Mini-Minds hub, teachers and pupils come together in perfect studious synchronicity.

Sign Up To Kid-Centred Content

Fortunately, signing up to the Mini-Minds Hub could not be easier, and the benefits begin instantly. As soon as you join us in our quest for academic acceleration, your inbox will be greeted with new, easy-print learning resources for your child, each and every day. Better yet, our exclusive Mini Mind Members will be treated to bespoke discounts and priority access to the latest and greatest products to grace the Jaques shelves. So, whether indulging in intellect or pampering in play, there is no better chance to delight in everything that makes fun and learning such an inseparable pairing.

Jaques shares the same close bond with each and every member of our online world. This is why parents and children have come from far and wide to share their playtime with us on Instagram. Nothing inspires us more than seeing our creations find their perfect home, so we invite you to join in the fun and share your playtime pics and studious shots. As the world’s oldest games makers, we are extremely proud of our legacy, and there has never been a better opportunity for our wonderful members to become a part of the Jaques family.

Don’t wait! Sign up now and Jaques will do the rest. You are just moments away from discovering what all the mini minds hubbub is about and why so many parents agree that, when it comes to pairing excitement and education, Jaques of London Mini Minds Hub is the only place to be, for the very best in online child education.



Mark James
Creative Content Editor
After graduating with a 2:1 in Media, Mark set about establishing a highly respected online reputation as an extremely accomplished freelance copywriter and SEO expert. Having assisted with the launch of many successful start-ups, Mark has developed a strong knowledge in formulating and further developing brand identities across a disparate array of industries. In doing so, he has played key roles in the ongoing success of marketing campaigns, SEO strategies and online content management, for hundreds of different clients. As father to an adorable little boy, Mark discovered a passion for child education. Having found vocational vigour in offering free music lessons to children, he now hopes to lend his creative flair to Jaques of London, helping to promote the importance of early-learning through discovery and play.

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