As parents and carers, we all wish for our children to develop and grow with a sense of self confidence and inner belief. A strong self-esteem not only has educational repercussions, but also enables kids to make stronger social links with the people they meet as they grow.

Join Jaques, as we look at 10 ways we can empower our children, to help them achieve and find success in life.

10 Ways to Empower Children

  1. Supportive Affirmations – We all benefit from seeing positivity surround us when we do good things and make the right decisions. In order to develop this further and empower children with a sense of self-respect, it is important to give always be supportive in their achievements.

  2. Let Them Learn from Decision Making – We all wish that we could wrap our children up in cotton wool and protect them forever. Unfortunately, this may lead to a shrinking violet rather than a towering sunflower. Allowing children to make their own decisions is not only a great way of teaching that every decision has repercussions, but will also allow them to learn the importance of thinking carefully about their actions. With enough practice, this will lead to confident, well-rounded adults who understand that whilst not every decision will lead to success, it is in the strength to make decisions that we are able to move forward and have control of their own lives. Of course, there are some decisions that they shouldn’t be able to make – otherwise they may end up eating sweets for every meal.

  3. Let Them Think BIG – As adults, we may have become used to seeing the odd dream disappear beneath the weight of reality, but that is no reason to stop our children from thinking and dreaming big. Having dreams allows us to aim big and aspire to always be more than we are. As a child, this is a fantastic jumping off point towards achievement.

  4. Teach Them to Believe in Themselves – Self belief is the root of developing confidence and a higher sense of self-esteem. It also develops and inner drive to trust their instinct and follow through with their decisions. As a result, they demonstrate an ongoing and higher ability to control their own behaviours.

  5. Give Them Responsibility – Responsibilities are always providing little lessons and feedback about our own behaviours. As such, giving children their own responsibilities is a fantastic way to empower them with self-belief and determination.

  6. Make Sure They Have Heroes and Good Role-Models – We all use our role models as a guide towards where we want to be and how we want to go about achieving our goals. Make sure that your child has someone to mirror in order to develop their own self-belief.

  7. Make Them Understand the Value of Failure – Failing is a bruise, not a scar. Understanding that failure is what guides our successes is one of the most important values a person can have. Understanding this at an early age will empower youngsters to learn, grow, never give up and always be aware that success only comes with resistance to failure.

  8. Help Them to Learn – If knowledge is power, then the ability to value education at an early age is the route to empowerment. Try to instil your kids with an understanding of the importance of learning. With this, they will thrive with they continued pursuit of self-betterment.

  9. Be Their Guide – We all make mistakes. Sometimes, having someone around with more experience and know-how can help us to avoid hurdles and overcome obstacles.

  10. Make Sure That They Know That They are Always Loved – When we feel comfort in life, it is far easier to feel comfort in ourselves. The value of love is far more than cuddles at the end of the school day. That understanding that love is always there allows us to feel stronger when alone and will aid children with the confidence and inspiration to always strive to do their best, learn, and grow.


With this list of 10 key ways to empower children, let’s boost our kiddie confidence, and see them develop with the self-esteem needed to achieve all of their hopes and dreams.

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