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   Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. But, it is also one of the busiest, most chaotic and most difficult to navigate in terms of numerous tasks and responsibilities, such as sourcing a turkey, finding suitable secret Santa gifts and organising the logistics of Christmas lunch. 

 Here, at Jaques, we hope to take the stress out of Christmas for busy Mums and Dads with an array of ideas to keep your little ones occupied whilst you perform all of the festive tasks at hand. This blog will have you rocking around the Christmas tree and feeling as though you are in winter wonderland whilst your kids are kept busy with top quality Jaques of London toys and games. Merry Christmas! 

We have compiled a list of our top products to keep your little ones busy and immersed in play. Moreover, the products featured could be ideal for last minute Christmas gifts if you are looking for festive inspiration.  


Our Let’s Create Xylophone is a bright, vibrant and top quality musical instrument; perfect for budding musicians and creatives. The xylophone features labelled keys, making it ideal for all abilities. Simply find a music sheet online which contains natural notes. Your kids can enjoy hours of fun perfecting jolly tunes on this xylophone whilst you get on with those pesky Christmas tasks. Be prepared for some absolute Christmas crackers from your little musicians.  

Tumble Tower 

Here at Jaques of London we have an impressive array of Giant Jenga Tumble Towers. Whilst you are putting the finishing touches to your Christmas decorations or wrapping last minute Christmas presents, your kids can be fully immersed in this fantastic traditional game. Kids will love building the towers before taking it turns to remove a block and place it back on top of the tower. The first to make the tumble tower loses the game. Game play can then recommence. This is the perfect family game as all ages can get involved as well as being top of the list for Christmas gift ideas. Our range of tumble towers includes a numbered standard tumble tower, a rainbow tumble tower, an animal tumble tower and an impressive selection of giant tumble towers, which are capable of reaching over 3ft during game play!  

Jigsaw Puzzles 

Did you know we have a growing range of jigsaw puzzles!? Jigsaw puzzles are timeless and perfect for all-inclusive family fun. Our jigsaw puzzles are excellent value for money and are ideal for stuffing in your Christmas stockings. Jigsaw puzzles are ideal for keeping the kids busy whilst you are writing out your Christmas cards and checking your kid’s lists for Santa Claus. Why not frame the jigsaw when it is completed? Jigsaws make for beautiful pieces of art which can be treasured for years to come. At Jaques we have a range of 50 piece puzzles and 150 piece puzzles in the following designs: Dinosaur Adventure, We Love Space, Magical Fairies, Jungle Friends and beautiful Christmas puzzles

Craft Set 

Our Reversible Craft Kit is perfect for keeping your little ones amused. It features a double-sided board; one side has a blackboard, the other has a magnetic whiteboard. The 2-sided board doubles as a sliding lid for the craft set meaning it is easy for your kids to tidy away once they are finished. It comes complete with magnetic stickers. For a festive twist, set your kids the task of designing a Christmas garland with their craft set or they could simply play a game of hangman or noughts and crosses if they are playing collaboratively.  

 Monkey Stacking Toy 

A fun and modern twist on our traditional tumble towers, this stacking game is ideal for engaging curious minds. Kids will need to focus on stacking and positioning the monkeys correctly in order to prevent them from falling down. Children will utilise their problem-solving skills and will develop resilience as they try different ways of stacking the monkeys. This game is sure to keep your little ones occupied whilst you get the festive chores out of the way.  

Building Blocks 

Set your kids the challenge of building different shaped structures and buildings. You could even provide them with images of real-life buildings for inspiration. As you stuff your Christmas stockings with gifts and dust off the Christmas tree, your kids will be busy creating amazing buildings using our top-quality wooden building blocks.  

Four in a Row 

Jaques of London have an impressive variety of Four in a Row! We offer standard size Four in a Row games as well as giant versions! Four in a Row is a straightforward game which will engage little minds. It is perfect for collaborative play and helps to develop problem solving skills, turn taking and the ability to plan ahead and predict the movements of other players. This board game can be played over and over again. If your kids need to let off steam, simply place our giant four in a row in the garden for them to play.  

Tin Can Alley 

Perfect for all the family, Tin Can Alley helps to develop key skills such as hand-eye coordination, concentration and accuracy. Set this up in the garden if it is a dry day or arrange it in a room which doesn’t contain any breakables. Your kids can take turns to knock down the tins whilst you complete the Christmas chores.  

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Below, we have provided suggestions for toys and games that are perfect for family fun over the festive period.  

Happy Christmas from all at Jaques of London.  

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