Eat Happy, with Potage and Jaques of London

With World Baking Day bringing us all together for a doughy dose of delight, Jaques of London have partnered with Potage to give chef a break from the kitchen, bring the restaurant home, and make the very most of our precious time with our nearest and dearest.

Better still, you get to revel in family fun, whilst the most deliciously healthy meals fill your home with taste-bud tantalising tastes and freezer-friendly fragrances. And, for our favourite family food fans, Potage have provided a special £10 discount, along with free delivery, for your eating enjoyment – Simply enter code JQS10 at checkout.

Potage are on a mission to build a zero waste food business. One that makes deliciously healthy eating easy and enjoyable for everyone! Even good cooks enjoy a night off! And how fitting that the importance of family is at the heart of their kitchen enterprise. Headed by professional chef, Georgia Cummings, Potage launched in 2012 as a means of providing healthy, restaurant quality meals for her mother. Years later and thousands are now basking in the same delightful delicacies.

In addition to packing each dish with the dietary delectability of 5 different daily vegetables, Potage only use the very best in locally and ethically sourced ingredients, whilst always striving to make the very most of Britain’s scrumptious seasonal offerings.

These are values we hold incredibly dear here at Jaques. With the aim of teaching the world to play, we rely on healthy and happy families. So, just why is healthy eating so important for developing bodies and brains?


A Healthy Body a Healthy Mind

It may be a culinary cliché, but growing children require nutritional nourishment and protein power to get the most from their daily schedules. Perfect play demands the tastiest meals, and academic aficionados need their brain food! A good diet is your child’s route to healthy bones, strong muscles, an active mind, and, of course, a smiling face!

Jaques of London and Potage are spreading the happiness of both! This Baking Day, fun and food are joining hand-in-hand for a day of family festivity! Bask in Boules with bolognaise, Happy Families with healthy focaccia and croquet lawns with chicken laksa.

Ready to revel in recipe rapture? Get your utensils at the ready, and bake your way to brilliance, with Potage’s perfect Victoria Sponge Cake recipe.

Healthy, pre-cooked meals and family-friendly entertainment are here to stay, with Potage and Jaques of London. For even more brain and body building brilliance, pay a visit to the Mini Minds Hub - your number one source for happy kids.


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