Black Friday Toys Sale at Jaques of London

Black Friday Toy Sales are upon us for yet another year. With Christmas right around the corner, there has never been a better time to enjoy big savings on the very best that Santa’s Workshop has to offer. And, as the oldest toys and games makers in the world, we have been regular visitors to the homes of happy families around Britain for over 225 years.

So, join Jaques of London, as we look at some of our favourite wooden toys and games of the year in anticipation of our Black Friday Daily Deals, due to go live on the 16th November 2021. Be sure to keep checking the Jaques of London homepage so that you don’t miss out on big savings of up to 60%!


Black Friday Toys and Games Favourites

This year, we have been very busy making sure that our very best toys and games are acknowledged for their value of delivering learning through play. So, let’s see why we have been busy raising our trophies high in celebration of being recognised as the go to brand for toys and games.


The Jaques Wooden London Bus

Wooden London Bus Toy

It was a big year for public transport in the Jaques of London grotto, as one of our personal favourites, the Jaques of London Wooden London Bus, was declared a winner in both the Made for Mums Awards and The Independent Toy Awards. Judged by families and industry professionals, this not only makes us a hit with the London big wigs, but the parents and children we are so delighted to be able to deliver to during the most wonderful time of the year.

The Benefits of our Wooden London Bus:

  • With the red London bus being a quintessentially British attraction, this toy introduces children to a part of our country’s heritage as well as teaching kids about London Landmarks in a traditional British manner.

  • Our bus features realistic detailing, such as bus numbers, a driver’s cab, and rows of seats.

  • The painted figures feature intricate detail such as patterned clothing, hats, and facial expressions enabling kids to engage in in-depth role play.

  • Includes 9 unique passenger characters – ideal for associative play, with more than one child easily able to be involved in filling the bus with passengers.

  • Removable top level – Allows for easy storage of characters and further investigative role-playing.

  • Developed by UK teachers.

  • Encourages imaginative thinking via the sensory nature of the bus. The smooth FSC approved woods allow for visual and tactile exploration and are complimented by bright prime colours.

  • Water-Based, non-toxic-paints are utilised throughout for safe play.


Let’s Learn Calendar Clock

Calendar Clock Learning Time for Kids

With every single one of our children’s toys benefitting from the direct design input of on-site UK teachers, 2021 was the perfect time to celebrate for our Jaques elves, as our Let’s Learn Kid’s Calendar Clock was voted amongst the very Best Educational Toys in the 2021 Made for Mum Awards.

Learning is all about fun at Jaques of London, and with so many aspects of time represented, this tactile learning tool enables children not only to memorise the clock, but engage with the importance of time itself, as minutes become hours, hours become days, days become months, and months become years.

The Benefits of our Let’s Learn Calendar Clock:

  • Created and developed by UK teachers – Emphasising the finer details of early education & Montessori learning.

  • Fully Interactive Clock Calendar – Set minutes, hours, days, months, weather patterns, day and night patterns, and seasons.

  • Designed for littles hands to promote dexterity and fine motor development – Moving the arrow tabs gives children regular practice in precise movement.

  • Visually Stimulating for Montessori Learning – Promotes self-directed learning, through visual intrigue and approachable interaction.

  • Teaches key life skills whilst promoting an understanding of the world around us, including 5 core areas:

    1. Time and important time-related vocabulary - such as ‘Quarter Past’, ‘Half Past’, etc…

    2. Days and months – Developing an understanding of changing numbers of days across different months.

    3. Connection between changing seasons and weather patterns.

    4. Night and day patterns – Developing a sense of changing day lengths throughout the year.

    5. Organisation and planning – Emphasising the importance and use of a calendar.


Wooden Noah’s Ark

Wooden Noahs Ark Kids Toy

Children love nothing more than the creative stimulation of an entertaining story. Being able to tell our stories with visual aids is a wonderful way to engage our children and make them think about how tales are developed and how the characters we put in them play such an important role in making reading and storytelling such a joyous way to introduce the beneficial fun of learning through play.

Perhaps this is why our Wooden Noah’s Ark toy was such a success at this year’s awards ceremonies, taking home multiple awards and also proving to be a favourite for parents and children across the UK.

The Benefits of our Wooden Noah’s Ark:

  • Utilises soft, FSC approved woods and non-toxic paints to ensure a thoroughly safe playing experience.

  • Encourages children to take an interest in animals and for the natural world.

  • Helps develop basic sorting, problem solving, and organisation abilities, thanks to the animal shape cut-out port holes.

  • Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination when playing with the folding drawbridge.

  • Stimulates creativity and storytelling, whether following along with the traditional Noah’s Ark tale or inventing your own seafaring stories.

  • Promotes individual and collaborative play – an essential element of developing strong social and working skills.

  • Develops colour & shape recognition through the vibrantly coloured characters & paired animal shapes.


The Jaques of London Black Friday Sale page is already live, with plenty of exciting offers to bring play to every generation. Whether craving creativity, longing to learn, or fancying fun, there is no better place to start for the very best Black Friday 2021 Deals on Toys and Games.

To learn even more about what makes a Jaques of London gift so special, please pay a visit to our Signature Gift Packaging Blog, as we look at how so many of our family favourites come perfect present prepared.

Good luck with hunting down the very best deals this Black Friday. Of course, with Jaques, you don’t need luck, savings on learning through play are always guaranteed!

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