Solitaire With Marbles - 12" Solitaire Board Game Black Walnut Medium Set

This luxury 12" Black Walnut Solitaire board comes complete with hand turned feet and includes a full set of 32 laser crystal glass playing marbles in an attractive carry bag. A challenging game for the fan of strategy and skill, perfect as a gift.

Popular in the court of Louis the XIV, the game was apparently invented by a nobleman incarcerated in the Bastille in France in the 17th century. Though little evidence can be found to support this tale, there can be no doubt that Solitaire became one of the more popular and challenging parlour games of the past few hundred years. The board consists of holes into which marbles are placed, with one hole left unoccupied in the middle of the board. The objective is simply to remove all but one of the marbles from the board by 'bunny hopping' one piece over another, similar to how pieces are taken in Draughts. However, the games simple aim belies its strategic complexity, and it takes a lot of careful thought and planning to clear the Luxury Solitaire board. Even when a player has managed to beat the game, there is always more challenge to be found in reducing the number of moves made - the minimum number of moves to win has been a popular subject in mathematical literature for many years. Jaques' mid-sized 12" Black Walnut Solitaire features a hand turned base constructed from solid American Walnut, complete with hand turned feet and includes a full set of 32 luxury laser crystal glass playing marbles in an attractive soft carry bag.

Dimensions: 30.5cm Diameter x 4.5cm Height
Marbles: 2.5cm Diameter
Suedette Bag for Marbles: 23.5cm x 14.5cm

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