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Tower of Hanoi - Stacking Game for Children Traditional & Colourful Stacking Toy

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Tower of Hanoi is a toy with mathematical roots. Keeping with the traditional Tower of Hanoi toy, our Tower of Hanoi comes with a solid wooden base,...

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Key skills involving numbers, counting and basic numeracy

Problem Solving

Try a range of solutions to complete a task

Colour Recognition

Identify and name colours

Develop Precision

Improve accuracy and aim
Product Code: 90251
  • Tower of Hanoi is a toy with mathematical roots. Keeping with the traditional Tower of Hanoi toy, our Tower of Hanoi comes with a solid wooden base, featuring 3 rods and multiple colourful discs of different sizes. The discs can fit onto any rod. When assembled correctly, the discs are stacked onto a rod in ascending order with the smallest rods at the top, making a cone shape.
  • Tower of Hanoi is designed to develop problem solving skills as well as the ability to order objects from smallest to largest. Your kids will need to experiment and try different combinations of discs in order to build the tower correctly. Resilience is also built up through trial and error; your kids will learn not to give up and persevere to enjoy success.
  • Our Tower of Hanoi is exceptional quality. It is manufactured using 100% FSC approved wood and vibrant, colourful, water-based paint for hours of safe play. The discs are smooth, lightweight, and perfectly sized for little hands.
  • This toddler toy is perfect for developing colour recognition. The vivid coloured discs are eye catching and captivating. Kids will begin to identify and name different colours by sight.
  • Placing the colourful discs onto the rods allows kids to practice fine motor skills with precise hand movements as well as developing hand-eye coordination. This is a key life skill which enables us to do a range of daily activities, such as writing, painting, and playing sports.
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