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What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Cut & Stick Plant Growing Activity for Kids. Get Cultivating with your favourite pint sized gardener and Print for Free right now!

Plant a Garden & Watch it Grow

Plant a veggie or flower garden & your kids will cultivate new skills, learn healthy eating habits & have a whole bunch of fun!

Moon Tracking Diary

Get to know the magic of the night sky, as we track the fascinating motion of the moon and how it effects the Earth.

Food Chains - Key Stage 1

Cut out the animals and place them in the correct order in a food chain. Use the example to help you.

Mini Beasts Hunt

Fill in the boxes with how many of these mini beasts you find on your daily walk? Get Creature Hunting Today!

Circle the Living Things

Which of these things are alive? Draw a circle around the things that are alive with Our Free Printable Download.

Recycling Game - Key Stage 1

Get recycling ready with our Free Printable Download - Match the rubbish to the correct recycling bin.

Human Body Activity

Label the Little Boys Body Parts -  Cut out each word, match it and stick it to the correct body part.

Five Senses Activity - Key Stage 1

Cut out the individual puzzle pieces, mix them up and piece together the five individual puzzles.