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Spring Jars - All Ages

Create your own Spring Jar Snow Globes

Plant Riddles - All Ages

Can you solve the below riddles? The four different answers are at the bottom of the page!

What do plants need to grow? - All Ages

1) Cut out the different items on page 2. 2) Decide which items a plant needs to grow and will make them happy 3) Next decide which items a plant doesn't need to grow and will make them unhappy. 3) Stick the items under the happy or unhappy plant depending on what you decide.

Plant a Garden & Watch it Grow - All Ages

Plant a veggie or flower garden & your kids will cultivate new skills, learn healthy eating habits & have a whole bunch of fun! You can make this educational too, try counting out the seeds, measuring the daily growth & learning the plant names! Younger kids will need an adult helper. If your kids are older, encourage them to keep a gardening journal!

Plant Life Cycle - Key Stage 1

From page 2, cut out the stages of the plant life cycle and stick them in the correct order, from1-6, on page 1. Then cut out the pictures on page 2 and match each one to the correct plant life cycle stage.

Mini Beasts Hunt - Early Years Foundation Stage

Fill in the boxes with how many of these mini beasts you find on your daily walk?

Plant Activity - Key Stage 2

Label the different parts of the plant with the words below then match them words to their meanings.