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Plant a Garden & Watch it Grow - Suitable For All Ages

Plant a veggie or flower garden & your kids will cultivate new skills, learn healthy eating habits & have a whole bunch of fun! You can make this educational too, try counting out the seeds, measuring the daily growth & learning the plant names! Younger kids will need an adult helper. If your kids are older, encourage them to keep a gardening journal!

Easter Word Search - Key Stage 1 & 2

Can you find these Easter themed words in the basket?  Colouring in activity suitable 5+ years!

Easter Colouring - Suitable For All Ages

Print and colour in the Easter themed scene!

Bunny Masks - Suitable For All Ages

You will need: -Crayons, paints, scissors, decorative arts and crafts, glue and string Instructions: 1) Simply cut out your mask template, eye holes and the little holes to attach your string to. You may need an adult helper! 2) Design your mask as you wish! Get your colours, glitters, glue, pompoms, feathers or whatever else you fancy using to create your masterpiece. 3) When you are happy with your design and any paint or glue has dried, tie your string...

DIY Playdough - Key Stage 1

What You Will Need: - 1 cup of flour - 1/2 cup of table salt - 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar - 1 cup of boiling water - 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil - Food colouring - A wooden spoon - Bowl - Clingfilm - An airtight container Instructions: 1) Combine the flour, salt and tartar - mix them all together. 2) Add the oil. 3) Add a few drops of food colouring into boiling water and then carefully...

Plant Life Cycle - Key Stage 1

From page 2, cut out the stages of the plant life cycle and stick them in the correct order, from1-6, on page 1. Then cut out the pictures on page 2 and match each one to the correct plant life cycle stage.

Silly Sentences - Key Stage 1

You will need scissors and 5 different pots; 1 pot for verbs, 1 pot for adjectives, 1 pot for nouns, 1 pot for conjunctions and 1 pot for adverbs. Cut out the words and place them in the correct pot. Select one word from each pot at random. What's the silliest sentence you can make?

Snakes & Ladders Maths Game - Key Stage 1

Instructions: 1) Print out your Snakes & Ladders board. 2) Cut out your counters below.   3) Place your counters on start. 4) Roll a die. 5) Move your counter that many spaces.   6) If you get the math sum correct, you can stay! If you are not correct, you must move back and correctly answer the sum on that space to stay. 7) Once you have correctly answered a sum and won the chance to stay on that...

Princess Place Value - Key Stage 1

Use the example to correctly colour your tiaras in.