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Easter Colouring - All Ages

Colour in the Easter Themed Scene! Get Bunnies Hopping with Colour and Print for Free Now!

Bunny Masks - All Ages

Print and Prep Your Own FREE Bunny Mask - Hop into Easter Fun right now with the best Resources for all Budding Bunnies.

Upcycle Your Old Crayons

Create your own crayons from the old ones you have lying around! Mix and match colours and make your own creations...

My Family Tree

Combine Crafts and History. Learn of Your Families Past by Creating your Very Own Family Tree.

Dinosaur Colour By Number

Colour the dinosaurs using the number code and bring colour to the Cretaceous and joy to the Jurassic.

Learn Musical Instruments

Draw a line to connect all the musical instruments to the note in the middle. Make Musical Magic Now!

Weather Dress Up

Dress up the kids in the correct outfits for different types of weather. Cut and Stick FREE Printable.

Count the Animals

Practise your counting skills! Count up how many animals there are and write the answer in the box! Count and circle!

Mini Beasts Hunt

Fill in the boxes with how many of these mini beasts you find on your daily walk? Get Creature Hunting Today!