Garden Games Ideas

Great Garden Game Ideas for Kids 

Spending time with kids is priceless. 
But would you want to make it even better? 

Your kids will love spending quality time with you and you will also enjoy seeing how much fun your kids get from playing games as a family.
Spending time on the TV might look like an option but do not forget that kids need to exercise their muscles and spend some time on the sunlight as well. Some games can be played in the house if the weather is a little chilly outside. If you want your kids to have a bit more time outside check out our favorite ideas for garden games to try. 

Inexpensive outdoor games such as chalks
can be a lovely creative way to make use of outdoor space,
even if you only have a small garden or patio to draw on.
Boy on Charcoal Bike
Our Favourite has to be the Sensory Scavenger Hunt!
There is no setup time and we have already created the game for you.
Engage your children in finding objects in the garden that will increase their
sensory learning without them even knowing it. 

Have your children locate an item that matches each of these sensory feelings!

if you don't have an outside space? 

this game is easily adapted to work in your home as well. 

Outdoor Sensory Hunt Ideas 1
Outdoor Sensory Hunt Ideas 2
Outdoor Sensory Hunt Ideas 3
Outdoor Sensory Hunt Ideas 4

Other ideas that let your children explore playing outside include


  • making funfair style games from items that may otherwise have just ended up in the recycling.
  • Try using plastic bottles and any small ball to make a quick and easy bowls game,
  • why not swap the ball for a frisbee instead to make things into a game of ring toss.
  • Stacking games like Giant Jenga Outdoor Tumble Towers can be great fun for all the family and aid with coordination and concentration. Try making your own out of old pieces of wood ? or we have even seen them made out of sponges! 

Free games such as chasing or stuck in the mud have always been favourites with children and adults alike, offering a chance to blow off some steam and a fun way to get moving together and stay healthy.

Team games can teach your child how to work together with others and whether they win or lose, they are still having fun and learning as they go.

Although there are a wide variety of impressive and expensive

outdoor games and toys on the market,

you don't need to spend a lot to keep children occupied outside.

have you tried out one of these games?