Why Is Maths Important in Early Years?

With World’s Maths Day right around the corner, we wanted to assure every parent reading, that maths needn’t be scary.

Well, unless you Count Dracula. But even the Count knows that numbers matter. But why is maths important in the early years of learning and what more can we do to help our children explore the fascinating world of numbers?

All you budding mathemagicians can count on some great games and learning resources ahead. So, let’s add up our thoughts and not divide opinion, as we look at how maths forms a vital foundation for a wonderful early-learning experience.

What is Early Mathematics?

We would never imagine our kids running before they can walk, so we can’t expect algebra before addition. This is where early maths comes in. Through natural play and curiosity, early maths is about providing our little learners with the building blocks required to develop an inquisitive, analytical and healthy way of thinking about the world around them.

Jaques of London takes this quite literally.

From sensory building blocks to our add-ictive numbers games, the entire teacher-developed Let’s Learn toy range is built with playful experimentation in mind. This approach allows children to develop a natural understanding of how numerics are involved in so much of what they see and do. In doing so, they’ll learn concepts such as:

  • Near & Far

  • High & Low

  • Tall & Short

  • Heavy & Light

  • Fast & Slow

  • First & Last

  • Big & Small

  • Right & Wrong

As you can see, Early maths forms the foundations for a non-stop adventure of discovery.

How Does Maths Inspire Kids to Learn?

As super cool parents (It’s a fact!), we are lucky enough to take for granted all that maths has taught us about the world. But just what are our kids learning when they begin to experiment with these vital skills? How could maths matter so much for early development?

In fact, the number of positive influences it has are almost incalculable. But don’t worry, we have maths to help us out. So, let’s look at a few of the marvellous things maths can do to inspire further thinking in young minds:

1. Maths teaches mini minds to arrange and organise.

2. Maths teaches kids to recognise patterns and shapes through simple counting.

3. Early maths helps kids to analyse and solve problems.

4. Numbers help us learn the limits and value of time. Tick-tock!

5. Maths inspires kids to question and critique (we promise, this last one honestly is a good thing).

Why Do Children Need Maths?

Maths is far more important than boosting your little mathemagicians future hopes of starring on Countdown. It is a language and, just like our spoken word, it allows us to communicate and understand the world around us.

Developed alongside teachers, our Mini Minds Hub is packed with a wonderful collection of maths resources, ensuring that you and your little learner will be math-ecstatic. So throw your calculators into the air and join us. Let’s all celebrate National Maths Day together and multiply the fun! All the numbers add up, solving the equation of just why it is maths important in the early years of learning.




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