Teach Key Numeracy Skills with Shut the Box

Learn Maths With Games

Our Shut the Box range is a fun and easy way to introduce the basics of numeracy, particularly number bonds, addition and subtraction.

In Key Stage 1, the infants stage, children begin to develop their recognition of number as well as being introduced to addition and subtraction. Children also learn about number families, recognising that the same amount can be made in multiple ways using different numbers. A key skill that children develop early in primary school is number bonds to 10.

Number Bonds

Number bonds are pairs of numbers that add together to give the number 10. This is an important skill to master as kids can then use this to help them move onto number bonds to 100 and to 20. It helps them identify patterns and relationships between numbers, making mental maths calculations far easier later down the line. You can use our Shut the Box 9’s game to try out different combinations of numbers to equal specific numbers when added together. You can make this more engaging for children by asking them to roll the dice to select their numbers.

Maths Resource

This downloadable resource explains how Shut the Box can help your child with addition and help them to begin reasoning and problem solving. Children are introduced to reasoning in maths very early on now and this is an ideal game to start to grow this skill.

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