Number Recognition Activities

Recognising number is such an important skill which will benefit your kids throughout their lives. It is important to begin mastering this skill at a young age.

It is all too easy for number to become a concept, rather than a tangible entity in your kid’s mind. It is important to teach that numbers are amounts and quantities, and they play a huge role in everyday life.

Our lives are governed by numbers in the form of money, rules, regulations, quantity and so many more. Therefore, it is important for kids to recognise that numbers exist all around them.

Number Recognition Ideas

Here are some ideas to develop your child’s understanding of number.

Recognise Written Numbers -  This fantastic activity involves children matching numbers to an outline. You could use magnetic or wooden numbers for this activity. Children will begin to recognise numbers by sight using the shape and size to support them. A way to develop this further is to get your kids to draw numbers in foam or another thick, pliable liquid.

Making Number Amounts - For this activity, your kids will need to collect the quantity of objects which match a given number. For example, if your kids are given the number 6, they could count out 6 marbles to demonstrate an understanding of number as quantity. This Number as Quantity Downloadable Resource allows kids to make quantities as well as saying and writing numbers.

Number Estimation - A fantastic skill that allows kids to reason and solve problems, using an understanding of number to support them. Click to download a free learning resource on estimation

Ben Williamson
Creative Writer
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