Mathematical Reasoning Activities

Reasoning is a vital skill, particularly in mathematics. Being able to reason about their answers to maths problems allows children to develop a much deeper and more thorough understanding of mathematical concepts. For example, children may know that 5 + 5 = 10, but do they understand that numbers can be combined in multiple ways to reach that same answer? Reasoning also requires children to deeply consider HOW they reached their answer and WHY it is correct. Reasoning is essential for developing a deeper understanding. 

Below you will find 3 reasoning prompts/activities which will help you to teach the vital skill of reasoning to your children. 

Activity 1: Reasoning Prompts

This resource provides you with questions to ask your child to provoke reasoning as well as sentence stems for your kids to use when answering questions. 

Activity 2: Shape Reasoning

A super fun activity that allows your children to explore patterns and multiple combinations. Children will need to use reasoning skills to combine cubes in different ways. 

Activity 3: Brain Teasers

A wonderful way to warm up your child's brain and develop the all important skill of reasoning. This task is highly adaptable and can be used in numerous ways. 

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