Let’s Get Baking: Christmas Cookies

Let’s Get Baking: Christmas Cookies


Nothing says comfort food quite like cookies. That’s why we wanted to bring you this tasty Christmas classic for the final instalment of our festive baking blog.


So grab the kids, get in the kitchen and get those eggs cracking! This recipe for Christmas cookies is simply lip-smacking.



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The Benefit of Baking and Treat Making for Children

Christmas Cookies


  1. Measurement Magic: Count in quantities and play around with the perfect portion size as you create and divide your mixture into evenly sized-snacks.


  1. Working with Words: Sharpen reading skills and discover new definitions as kids work their way through the recipe. Level this up by asking children to describe sounds and textures they encounter as they scoop, scrape and stir their mixture.


  1. Bonding as they Bake: Baking is a great way to encourage siblings to work together and receive mouthwatering rewards. Let older children take the lead and learn new skills as they teach their younger brothers or sisters some new tricks.


  1. Time to Talk: Build communication skills and create a safe space for children to share their feelings. Baking alone is a great stress reliever! Combined with a conversation, cooking creates a powerfully positive environment for emotional progression.




Fun Festive Facts

Christmas Cookies


  • Christmas cookies have been around since medieval times and became widely popular across Europe by the 16th Century.


  • The practice of leaving Santa cookies overnight started during the great depression in the 1930s as a way to teach children to be thankful.


  • On Christmas Eve, Santa eats over 300 million cookies as he delivers presents to all homes across the globe.


  • Before cookies were made for eating, cooks would take small pieces of the mixture and bake it in the oven to see if it was at optimum temperature.


  • Across the continents, countries have developed their own versions of the perfect Christmas cookie. In Germany and the United States, sugar cookies are the festive favourites. Whereas in Spain and Mexico, Bisochitos take the biscuit.


  • Christmas cookies have also been used to decorate Christmas trees. Children would enjoy tasty treats hidden amongst the twinkling lights and tinsel.



We hope this blog has you inspired to bake some tasty treats!

Let’s get those little ones active and encourage bottoms out of their seats.

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