How To Keep Children Learning Over Summer

How to Keep Children Learning Over Summer


The Summer Holidays are fast approaching, and little ones across the country look forward to their well-earned six weeks of fun and family! For parents, encouraging education and development is still the number one priority. So how do you keep kids learning without them realising? Today’s blog is brimming with toys and games that keep education and entertainment flowing and smiles growing!


Let’s Learn Mathematics

From counting to sorting and stacking, number toys and games are brilliant for reinforcing early numeracy lessons. Their colourful designs help children visualise numbers and their functions in a way that sticks in their memory. They are great for all levels of early learning. Their versatility means that no matter what stage your child is at, there is always something new to discover!

Number games add an extra layer of excitement to understanding numbers. They subtly infuse play with lessons on subtracting, addition and problem solving while remaining interactive and fun!

Maths Toys and Games to Play this Summer:

Shut the Box, Count and Stack, Digital Timer, Number Activity Set, Fractions Board, Dominoes, Counting Game, Wooden Abacus, Four in a Row.

Let’s Learn Literacy

Keep phonics fresh, and explore spelling and letter recognition with literacy toys and games. This style of play also helps develop speech and communication! So kids can feel confident expressing themselves and experimenting with language. At the same time, children can sharpen other key skills like motor skills, logic and memory: making literacy toys an awesome all-rounder! These toys appeal to all the senses and stimulate visual and auditory play.

Literacy Toys and Games to Play this Summer:

Spelling Game, Wooden Alphabet Puzzle, Alphabet Set, Bath Alphabet Letters, Reversible Board Set, Learn to Spell Puzzle.

Let’s Learn Geometry

Geometry toys and games are great for boosting children's understanding of shapes and patterns. As little ones develop this knowledge can contribute to a greater comprehension of mathematics and numbers. Did you know that shape toys also help children to be conscious of spatial awareness? It’s true! Sorting, stacking and slotting shape toys require kids to explore spatial properties to succeed. These early lessons contribute to the growth of navigation skills, distance and measurement skills later on in life.

Shape Recognition Toys and Games to Play this Summer:

Shape Patterns, Shape Matching Board, Rainbow Puzzle Set, Shape Stacker, Magnetic Maze, Dress Up Rabbits, Shape Puzzle.

Let’s Learn Music

Encouraging creativity is just as important to early education as understanding numbers and letters. Music toys and games inspire children to explore a deeper level of self-expression: which greatly enhances cognitive development. On top of this, there are plenty of fun-filled lessons to learn surrounding notes, rhythm and tempo. They also prompt interaction through singing, toe-tapping, humming and clapping!

Musical instruments are multifunctional marvels that contribute to the development of muscle strength and communication: they also nurture feelings of happiness and promote positive mental health!

Music Toys and Games to Play this Summer:

Xylophone, Let’s Play Musical Bench, Wooden Tambourine.

Let’s Learn Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts are another great way to fuel early education. Kids can learn just about anything while exercising their creativity and imagination skills. Painting, colouring, cutting and gluing help develop fine motor skills and coordination. Developing these skills enhances independent play and physical capability.

As with musical instruments, arts and crafts are great for encouraging smiles and promoting positive mental health. Kids are free to explore and process their emotions abstractly. This provokes new ways of thinking and inspires a journey of self-discovery.

Arts and Crafts Toys and Games to Play this Summer:

Paint Cups, Wooden Easel for Kids, Giant Chalks, Craft Set for Kids, Rainbow Scratch Pad, Art Set for Kids, Simple Origami for Kids, Folding Paper Planes.

Let’s Learn Sports

Help kids to reach their physical goals by encouraging them to play with sports toys and games. Great for keeping kids fit and active, playing sports requires movement and is a fun way to promote a healthy lifestyle. Sporty games also help strengthen bones and support all kinds of muscle development.

Sports often require cooperative play, introducing little ones to early lessons surrounding sharing and teamwork. This collaborative element enhances speech and communication skills as children experiment with being social. Sports are a wonderful way for people to connect and facilitate bonding and relationship building. It is for this reason all players are winners!

Sports Toys and Games to Play this Summer: Outdoor Target Ball, Sports Day Set, Rounders Set, Volleyball Set, Sports Cones, Skipping Rope for Kids, Quoits, Trapeze Bar, Bowls, Hoopla, Wooden Skittle Set.

Let’s Learn About Our World

Help kids explore the lessons of life with everyday learning toys. Take a practical approach by introducing children to time, weather, and days of the week. Or encourage children to engage with the environment by learning about plants and animals. You could even discover lessons that are truly out of this world with space and planet toys! Just like the universe, the possibilities are endless with everyday play!

Everyday Education Toys and Games to Play this Summer: Threading Puzzles, Classic Animal Puzzle, Teaching Clock, Reward Chart, Fishing Game, Wooden Calendar Clock, Let’s Play Planet Puzzle, Classic Travel Puzzle, Kids Train Track Set, Little Helpers Gardening Kit, Rapid Rockets.

Let's Get Digital

As kids reach a certain age, their interest in digital interactivity increases. If this sounds like your little one check out mini minds hub here

This resource is bursting with fun and educational resources that all children can enjoy!

And there you have it! A jam-packed list of toys and games that are guaranteed to keep children learning over summer! Do you have a favourite on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

Ben Williamson
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Ben is passionate about Montessori learning for children and has written for many parenting publications to bring the magic of real play to families in the UK. After graduating in 2009, his career has enabled him to work in areas such as Child Development and Psychology. As a great believer that learning starts at home, he combines his experience with his own parenting style to help bring other families together.