Jaques 225th - Playing With Time

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Counting Time

Established in 1795, by the time Big Ben was built – in 1859 - Jaques of London were already 64 years old! To truly appreciate just how many years we’ve been creating toys and games for, the ability to tell time is key. That’s why we think learning life skills like this should be at the heart of your children’s play—it helps them understand the world around them.

Designed by teachers, our Teaching Clock is an educational aid as well as an engaging shape sorter. This wooden toy is perfect to teach your kids how to count and tell the time. So, next time your kids visit Big Ben, they’ll be able to see what time it says!

Suitable from 3+ we think this is a top gift for any small people who are taking on the task of learning time. From our family to yours, we believe in the power of real play and have created this toy to the highest quality; with 100% FSC Approved Wood and perfectly designed for little hands.

big ben

Ticking Away

Kids are fascinated by the big clock that stands proudly in the middle of our Capital City. Chiming for the first time over 160 years ago, Big Ben is actually just the nickname for the Great Bell of the striking clock.  Located at Palace of Westminster, in London, year-round it has over 75,000 visitors.

Jaques of London were operating out of London’s Hatton Garden during this period, so you can’t help but wonder if the opening was remarked by John Jaques II at the time. Finished 5 years behind schedule, there was no actual opening ceremony for what has now become an iconic London landmark, Big Ben.

DID YOU KNOW: Amazingly, Big Ben wasn't designed by a clockmaker!

Kate Luke
Head Of Brand
After graduating with a 2.1 Music degree, Kate pursued a career in the Music Industry, becoming a professional West End vocalist and a fully qualified Music Teacher, School Choir Leader and Songwriter. As one of Jaques of London’s Creative Editors, her specialism surrounds building confidence and expression through music & play—drawing upon her qualifications in Music Psychology & Child Development. As well as this, she is an accomplished blog writer and published journalist who enjoys promoting the importance of Montessori learning for all ages.

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