How to Celebrate National Grammar Day

National Grammar Day keeps us all on our literary toes. At Jaques, we like to don our study caps and keep our commas and quotation marks in good order. So, join us, as we a-noun-ce our gram-marvellous methods on how to celebrate world grammar day.


Tired of auto-correct showing up to spoil your day? Stick with us until the final full-stop. Some invaluable learning resources lay just a few well-structured paragraphs ahead.


National Grammar Day Quiz 

For the perfect way to challenge your conjunctions and perfect your punctuation, why not celebrate by taking part in a brain-busting grammar quiz? Jaques can get you started...

Q) What did the sentence say after a very big lunch?

A) Full. Stop.


Double Negative Diagnosis 

Double negatives are primed to catch you out. Be careful what you say, or you may end up a literary outlaw! Experiment with how language and grammar influence everything we say, by making a list of imaginative double-negatives to defy grammatical convention. For instance, did you never do nothing? Is it true that you haven’t never lied? Or have you ever talked yourself into trouble?


Patrol for Perfect Punctuation

Keeping your eyes peeled for punctuation faux pas is a great way to brush up your own skills. Why not revel in giving a grammatical gaze to some of your favourite magazine writers. If their grammar isn’t gravy, have your red pen at the ready and get to marking! Even the pros fall foul of the grammar gremlin, but their mistake could be your making.


Grammar Games

Celebrating grammar needn’t be a formal event. It is our duty to delight in dialect and find pleasure in punctuation. Here at Jaques, we love putting the fun into every stage of early learning, so why not get your kids word-ready, with one of our little-learner letters games. When it comes to enjoying grammar, it’s spell-ementary.


Catch the Blogging Bug

How better to celebrate than by putting your own writing skills to the test? National Grammar Day deserves your own personal written tribute. Whether writing recipes or journaling on jewellery, we all rely on good grammar to bring our ideas to life on the page. So, give grammar the thankyou it deserves, with the latest post on your very own blog.


Better still, if you don’t have a blog, there's no better time to begin!


Puntastic Fun

If all else fails, you can join in the task of creating some grammar-related puns of your own. We assure you it’s easier than it looks and isn’t at all syn-taxing!
So, it’s clear that a touch of grammar glamour is everywhere to be found, you just have to know where to look. Our Mini Minds Hub is a great starting point, ensuring that your small spellers stand upon the firmest of grammar ground.
When it comes to how to celebrate National Grammar Day, Jaques says nab some nouns, value your verbs and select your sentences. Remember, fun with words is only ever a letter away…


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