History of games – Dominoes

Did you ever wonder whose brilliant brain thought up the sports and games we play today?

This blog series will investigate some of the UK's favourite family games and looks at when and why they were created. This is a great opportunity to encourage kids to start playing garden games for more Montessori Toys fun!
Over the next five weeks, we will explore a game per week to look at the history of garden games through the years!

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Week 4 – Dominoes

Almost anyone can play Dominoes, regardless of age—it is a game that spans generations and can bridge generational gaps in the family.

What’s more, the rules are simple so children can play along with adults and enjoy playing this timeless game.

Runaway Reputation

Dominoes are most likely invented by the Egyptians, but more easily traced back to China during the 12th century. Dominoes were traditionally made from bone, wood, or even carved from ivory—materials readily available at the time. Nowadays, modern sets are more commonly made from heavy plastic.

It was during the 1700’s that dominoes spread in popularity throughout Italy, quickly becoming one of the most favourite games to be played in family homes and pubs. By 2009, a Guinness World Record was recorded in France where 4,491,863 dominoes were toppled from a single-push domino chain! Domino chains have now become a game in their own right—you can buy Domino rally sets in bright colours just to design the pattern of your choosing.

Dominoes family

Math Marvels

The core game of Dominoes is great for building children’s core maths skills as the game strategy is build around numeric patterns. For this reason, the game also develops problem solving skills and strategic thinking. Some of the learning devices your kids will develop include addition, counting, matching, sorting, and classifying.
Domino rally kits (without the numeric markings) are also hugely educational. Young children can practise their colour recognition and artistic expression when making patterns. Building up the Domino sets also take precise hand movements and patience.

Amazing Dominoes Facts

  1. Dominoes tiles are also known as bones

  2. European Domino versions have 28 tiles, whereas the Chinese ones use 32 tiles

  3. The Game Inspired a Popular Pizza chain

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