It is half term, which means that kids are full of beans and your to-do list is bursting at the seams. Keep your kids engaged with interesting activities this week with the help of our free downloadables. Here is a rundown of our best-selling and most beneficial toy ranges, along with some great games (and free!) to download!

Half Term Must-haves

  1. Top of the list has to be a bit of art and crafts! This is especially handy if kids are stuck inside on a rainy day. We love the idea of making dream jars—it is a great way to reinforce confident sleeping habits. Inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘The BFG’ children’s story, these dream jars will inspire kids to remember their dreams and share fears & fantasies with you in waking life. To spark their imagination in the land of nod, create your own at home using our free downloadable activity sheet, here. 

  2. Garden time is a must over the holidays and though the air might have a nip, outdoor play has bundles of benefits. Not only will it give a lung-full of clean air, it teaches kids about nature and wildlife. Why not take to birdwatching as a way to have family time – garden birds are on the search for food sources at this time of year, so they will flock to gardens that can help them build fat supplies over the winter. You can join in by making your own, here.

  3. Music makes us cheerful, so schedule a little time to enjoy some tunes with your tots. If you put aside an afternoon to play some songs and dance around, it will inspire them to truly enjoy all the magic that music has to offer. The upside of musical play is that it offers a great learning opportunity too. This music inspired spelling game will teach children music notes and the alphabet at the same time—download it here.

  4. Kids and cooking go hand in hand. There are so many recipes your kids will adore making with you, but these oat cookies are our favourite. The ingredients are great for babies and toddlers who are still mouthing, plus they don’t contain refined sugar and are still scrumptious. Download the recipe, here.

  5. With families spread far and wide, a huggable card is just what the Doctor ordered. Set up your little ones with a craft station and assist with cutting around their hands for a truly personalised occasion card! Kids love getting stuck in with paint and glitter so they can really make this their own. Download a step by step guide here.

However your family spends this half term, we hope you continue to enjoy these marvellous Montessori activities to keep kids moving and discovering with every interaction.  

Kate Luke
Head Of Brand
After graduating with a 2.1 Music degree, Kate pursued a career in the Music Industry, becoming a professional West End vocalist and a fully qualified Music Teacher, School Choir Leader and Songwriter. As one of Jaques of London’s Creative Editors, her specialism surrounds building confidence and expression through music & play—drawing upon her qualifications in Music Psychology & Child Development. As well as this, she is an accomplished blog writer and published journalist who enjoys promoting the importance of Montessori learning for all ages.