Gardening Week Resources for Little Learners

Get your Daily Dose of Vitamin G, with Jaques of London


It’s National Gardening Week! What better time to introduce blooming brains to the joys of the backyard? The great outdoors is a world of wonder for helpful horticulturalists, so join Jaques of London, as we plant our resource seeds into the Mini Minds Garden and grow a selection of petalled printouts to change your child’s environment for the better.


 What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Our first botanical barometer of brains tasks your littlest landscapers with feeding flowers and planting with purpose. Simply match the right foods to the right plants for garden glory! Sow the seeds of success to grow the tallest sunflower in the land.





Rosey Riddles

Deadhead the duds and keep developing minds evergreen, with plant riddles made to separate the mulch from the compost. Rewarding riddles help boost child vocabulary, whilst being a fun-filled way to water growing brains. Just be careful not to get caught on any thorns along the way, with our selection of garden riddles made for willing weeders. Keep critical thinking neatly trimmed for the brightest of growing flowers.




DIY Spring Globes

Bring the outdoors in, with Jaques of London’s guide to creating beauty in a bottle and joy in a jar. Craft and creation are the perfect way to germinate little imaginations, whilst this green-fingered task invites kids to develop fine motor-skills, as their blossom buddy comes to life.




For even more fantastic educational resources and garden themed games, get your wellies on and head down to the Mini Minds Hub garden today.

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