Fun and Learning with Autumn Leaves

The autumn season is undeniably one of the most beautiful in the UK. We just love the deep red and orange shades of autumn leaves. Autumn leaves and nature provide the perfect opportunity for fun and learning. 

The main educational benefit of changing seasons is scientific. As darkness falls earlier in the evening and the weather turns cold, you have the perfect opportunity to teach your kids all about the seasons and weather patterns through lived in experience. Studies show that first-hand experience is one of the most effective ways of learning. Show your kids the autumn leaves on the ground and ask them why they think the leaves have changed colour and why they have fallen from the tree, e.g. as autumn and winter approach, there is less sunlight; this signals to the leaf to prepare for the winter and stop making chlorophyll (a part of a plant's food making process!). As the chlorophyll is stopped, the gorgeous green leaves fade into shades of yellow, orange and red. You can then link the fact about chlorophyll land sunlight to discuss the seasons, why seasons change and what happens to weather during different seasons. Moreover, gathering autumn leaves is a fantastic opportunity to study the anatomy of the leaf. Identifying parts of a plant features in the UK National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Use our resource to identify different parts of a leaf as well as the different parts of plants and trees. Even for the youngest little learners, understanding the world around us is an essential life skill. It is important to build you child's confidence with nature and exploring the great outdoors. 

A second educational activity you could do with autumn leaves is counting. When you are outside gathering leaves, ask your kids to perform a variety of counting tasks. Ask them to collect a set amount of leaves of a certain colour or ask them to collect leaves, keeping count, and see who manages to collect the most leaves at the end. This is a fantastic, and subtle, way to develop your little learner's numeracy skills. 

In terms of physical development, autumn leaves are also brilliant. You can set your kids the task of raking leaves which improves fitness as well as utilising motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, going for autumnal walks to gather leaves, conkers and other natural objects is great for physical health as well as mental health. 

Autumn leaves can also be used creatively. 

Autumn Leaf Animals

All you need for this activity is a bunch of autumn leaves, goggly eyes and a glue stick! Here is some inspiration for this arts and crafts activity.


Leaf Mobile

Download our activity sheet with step-by-step instructions to create your own autumn mobile using leaves, sticks and string. This leaf garland will be a beautiful addition to your home. 

Leaf Prints

This is a simple art activity which is also super fun! This easy to follow guide will talk you through how to create beautiful artwork using autumn leaves. 

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy some quality time together indoors. Jaques of London sell a wide range of games suitable for the whole family. So, check out our games today and share with us your indoor autumn fun and games. 





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