Chocolate Solitaire with Jaques of London and Aurosó Chocolate

Here at Jaques of London, we are a positive and collaborative family-run business. We actively seek out partnerships with other complementary businesses and thrive on supporting each other.

Recently, we joined forces with Aurosó. Aurosó chocolate Is a UK company based In Oxfordshire. This chocolatier launched during a turbulent time In April 2020 (yes, during lockdown!). However, Aurosó chocolate successfully launched their business bringing tasty chocolate treats to the United Kingdom In times of great adversity.

All of Aurosó's chocolate Is handmade and contains a rich ganache filling that is covered in smooth 90% Madagascan Chocolate. The range of flavours are designed to challenge and excite your palate. All of Aurosó's chocolate range is reduced sugar and is free from preservatives, artificial colourings and soy lecithin.

 They use only the highest quality natural ingredients and organic ingredients wherever possible. We all know the familiar saying 'You are what you eat!', so the high quality Ingredients In Aurosó chocolate can only have a positive Impact!

Aurosó chocolate pride themselves on their chocolate having the highest standards of sustainability. The chocolate used is produced under the RaiseTrade scheme which keeps over 35% of the cost of the chocolate at origin.  The luxury packaging is recyclable and plastic free. Aurosó chocolate have received glowing reviews in the Observer by Annalisa Barbieri.

 In October 2020, Aurosó chocolate launched a new range of chocolate; Honey Chocolate Bon Bons! These dairy-free Bon Bons vary from 1.0 – 1.3g sugar each which allows the 4 tantalising flavours to burst through: Mandarin Balsamic, Apricot Morvenna Rum, Blackcurrant Lemon Verbena and Lemongrass Ginger.

As mentioned, Aurosó chocolate are passionate about using the highest quality ingredients and supporting small artisan producers. They collaborated with to use their special floral Spring Honey and with Cornish Distilling Company to use their beautiful Morvenna Spiced Rum.

 Aurosó's luxurious Bon Bons provided the inspiration for a collaboration with us at Jaques of London. When developing the Bon Bons, Aurosó chocolatiers realised that the bon bons were strikingly similar to marbles. This led to Aurosó reaching out to Jaques of London to share this revelation. Thus the Aurosó Chocolate Solitaire box of 32 chocolates, featuring all 4 flavours, was born. As you can see In the stunning photographs, Jaques of London top quality Solitaire board was the perfect accompaniment to these luxurious Bon Bons. The Aurosó chocolate solitaire box Is Ideal for Christmas or can be used to play a unique game of chocolate solitaire! Together, we decided to offer an exclusive offer to our customers. If you purchase a Jaques of London beautiful 15” solitaire boards you can enjoy 10% off our Aurosó Chocolate Solitaire box and when you purchase the Aurosó Chocolate Solitaire box you can enjoy 10% of the Jaques beautiful board.

The code to use for 10% discount on our Solitaire boards Is chocolatesolitaire10 - this is one use per customer.

To purchase these luxurious Bon Bons head over to Enter the code solitaireboard10 at checkout.

If you want to find out more information about Aurosó, you can email the friendly team at or follow them on social media @aurosochocolate.