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All About Advent

For some, December automatically makes them think of advent. Who doesn’t love opening those little cardboard doors each day to a chocolate treat!?

Although advent calendars are lovely and a traditional way to mark Christmas, it’s important to remind ourselves, and our children, what advent is truly about.

Christmas is traditionally a Christian celebration. Therefore, advent is a Christian tradition and an important period of time to Christians around the world. The word ‘advent’ literally means ‘coming’ and celebrates the birth of Jesus. In short, Advent is all about Christmas Day preparations. Although most of us crack open our advent calendars on the 1st December, for Christians advent officially starts on the Sunday nearest to the 30th November.

Advent Calendars traditionally mark counting down the days to Christmas Day.  Christians (And subsequently churches) tend to use Advent Candles to signify the countdown to Xmas!

We have created some Advent colouring sheets to keep your little ones busy!

Don’t miss out our advent celebration! Each day in December, you could win prizes or be offered exclusive discounts.

This will take place on our Instagram channel @jaquesoflondon and there is a separate Advent celebration taking place via emails. You can sign up to our emails easily by scrolling to the bottom of the pages on our website


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