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| Amber Gravenell

Paper Arts and Crafts Activities for Kids

Read this blog to download instructions on how to complete fun paper arts and crafts activities. Perfect screen free fun for all the family.

| Amber Gravenell

Paper Animal Craft Activities for Kids

Unleash your child's creativity with these fun and easy paper animal craft activities. Jaques of London advocate the benefits of 'real' play, moving away from the age of screens! We have been producing Traditional Toys and Games for over 220 years.  Our easy and straightforward paper animal craft activities will provide hours of fun and allow your child to express themselves through their artwork.  Join the Anti Screen Revolution and complete these fabulous paper craft activities.   

Let's Pretend - Secret Agent - Make invisible ink, write secret messages and solve the number mystery

With VE Day celebrations fast approaching, there's never been a better time to dive into the world of spies, secret agents and codes to make some creative games for kids. No matter your age, playing and learning together can be a wonderful way to bridge the generation gap. But did you know the secret power of real play isn't just something kids like to do it's something they need to do? Physical activities combined with creativity and a sprinkling of imagination, exercises...

Creative Number Sense Fun Maths Game

For more family number fun, this crafty classic is a must. So easy to make, these numbered hand-prints also make a wonderful memento to keep even after playing and learning has finished. Keeping track of your child's progress as you play helps to inspire confidence and kids learning toys like this are great as they can be used over and over again - simply un-stick your hand-prints and add them to a fresh piece of card for more fun counting...

Fraction Flowers

Maths can be one of those subjects that many children just find hard to get to grips with - and many adults too! Luckily, fraction flowers are a beautiful, eye-catching way to play with numbers and are perfect toys for learning. They even look great pinned to a nursery noticeboard too.

Homemade Cup Calculator Game for Kids

Playing maths games with children can be a wonderful way to spark their creativity, help them spot patterns as well as inspiring them to have fun with numbers while learning their value. But educational toys for kids don't have to break the bank - there are lots of fantastic, easy to make maths games you can do at home practically for free! Like this cup calculator for example.   The cup calculator is a twisty game with plenty of number fun...

DIY Board Games

One of the best ways we know to bridge that generational gap and to encourage positive family time is Board Games.

Garden Games Ideas

Spending time on the TV might look like an option but do not forget that kids need to exercise their muscles and spend some time on the sunlight as well. 

Learn about Nature

It’s so much more than sticking a seed in the ground and waiting for it to grow. There are so many different educational concepts that can be introduced.

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