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Rounders sets and equipment stocked by Jaques include everything you need to play a game of Rounders, including complete Rounders sets, Rounders bats, balls and accessories. We supply Rounders equipment to schools, clubs, businesses, wholesale & retail outlets, and to individuals directly.

Jaques Rounders equipment is offered as either part of a complete Rounders set or individually. Jaques' Complete Rounders Set comes complete with solid wooden posts for setting out the rounders court, a beautiful Ash wood rounders bat and Safeplay ball with a with a superb cord wind-on grip. The whole Rounders set comes in a handy canvas case.

About Rounders

Originating in Great Britain and Ireland in the 17th century, Rounders is often considered as a school game although it is also played at a competitive level where teams compete in international tournaments.

The game of Rounders centres on innings where teams of up to nine on each side take alternate turns in batting and fielding. Points are scored by the batting team by completing a circuit around four posts set out around the field without being caught out or a post touched with the ball before they reach it.

As a sport, Rounders must be considered modern as it has only recently gained official status with written rules and a National Association. However, the origins of the game go back many years with historical associations and similarities to many bat and ball games, such as cricket, stoolball, baseball and softball. Today it is becoming increasingly popular with schools, clubs and families as an ideal team sport for a variable number of mixed ability participants.

Rules of Rounders

To set up a Rounders pitch, the positioning of the posts are set in a diamond shape, the measurements are not critical and may be reduced slightly for younger players. Ideally the total playing area should be about 40 yards square but a smaller area is often quite satisfactory if that is all that is available. The Rounders bat is normally one standard size for all players and ideally each batsman should have his own stick. However when only one stick is available, the batsman leaves it for the next batsman after hitting the ball.

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