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Traditional Games from Jaques of London

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Traditional Games from Jaques of London

Traditional games have been part of Jaques history for over 200 years and we are proud to be the oldest manufacturer of games in the world.

Jaques of London have been responsible for inventing some of the most popular traditional English games, including Croquet, Table Tennis and the Staunton Chess set.

We were also responsible for the creation of much loved family board games and games for children such as Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Happy Families, Snap and Tiddly Winks.

With such as rich heritage, Jaques online games shop features our full collection of traditional games that includes Draughts, Backgammon, Dominoes and Bagatelle.

The highlight of our English games collection is our exquisitely crafted Croquet sets, Chess sets and wooden board games, which have been created from the finest woods and craftsmanship.

All of our games for children are produced to the highest quality to ensure they are safe and durable. Jaques board games are particularly special, using the original board games designs to give you an original and nostalgic experience.

At Jaques of London, we believe in producing the highest quality traditional games at affordable prices. Many of our English games are lovingly crafted by hand in our UK based workshop, to ensure the quality exceeds your expectations.

Our range of outdoor games for children include Skittles, Boules and Bat & Trap.

Whatever your needs, at Jaques of London you'll find traditional games for you and your family that will be treasured for generations.

If you have any questions about our English games, family games, board games or games for children from our games shop, please contact us.