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Quoits are offered by Jaques in 2 variations, both traditional Quoits and modern Quoits.

Quoits at the top end of Jaques range is a traditional 9 pin set, which is a stunning hand finished replica of a Jaques original. The set is finished in natural wood with Oak finials and gold block numbers, complete with four natural rope Quoits. Quoits also available in the traditional range is Jaques Original Royal Quoits set, which is a five pin version of the game.

Quoits in the contemporary range Jaques offer Garden and Royal sets, each featuring a solid wooden base and come complete with natural rope Quoits.

About Quoits

Quoits is a traditional game of skill and judgment suitable for all ages that requires players to throw hoops (made of metal, rope or rubber), to land over or near one of several spikes on a board from a set distance. Points are then gained depending on which section of the board they land in.

The outdoor game of Quoits can be traced back to 1388 in England although there is evidence, however, that similar versions of the game of were played in ancient Greece and Rome.

King Edward III banned Quoits in England and Wales during the 1360's as he believed the outdoor pursuit to be foolish but the game was revived in northern England and Wales during the early 19th Century.

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