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Giant Games

Get Giant Games from Jaques and you’ll have perfect warm weather activity for all the family. Our Giant Games selection covers many well known traditional games such as Dominoes, Connect 4 in a row, Chess, Noughts & Crosses and Tumble Tower.
Jaques giant games are manufactured to be highly durable, easy to use by all ages and retain the fun and enjoyment of their smaller counterparts. You get the advantages of having familiar games for group gatherings, yet can take them to the beach, park, anywhere, including your own backyard, of course.

Snakes & Ladders, in our colourful Magnum size or larger Giant version, can add hours of entertainment to picnics, as can Giant Ludo. You’ll see the excitement bubbling up when the children set up these games, it’s palpable. Jaques makes games that provide some good physical and eye-hand-coordination skills for growing little ones, as well as provide fun for the ‘larger children’ in us all. Set up our Roll A Ball Giant version, or our lively variety of Skittles games – coming in Policeman, Fireman, Sailor or Royal Guard styles – and the merriment begins. For those preferring the fun of board and table games, we offer many ultimately portable versions. These include Backgammon, lovely Deluxe Giant Dominoes and stylishly produced Chess and Draughts.

Be ready for Spring’s warm weather, and make your family and friends feel warm by making gifts of these many great games. Take the games along on holidays, and the memories will last a lifetime.