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Croquet Balls

Guide to Buying the Finest quality Croquet balls

Jaques spare single croquet balls

Jaques balls of old, as advertised in the Association Gazette (1904), were made from "the finest Turkish Boxwood". This, however, is no longer the case as today they are made from predominantly plastic and only sets of inferior quality include wooden balls.

Current Range

At the top end of their range, Jaques' Eclipse balls are requested by the best players for championship play because of their dependable "bounce factor". Jaques' Eclipse have been selected for every World Championship to date, including the 1994 World Croquet Championships in which Robert Fulford retained his title. Eclipse balls are of the highest quality composition with a hard core of compressed cork, perfectly weighted at one pound (regulation weight), and measuring 3'5/8"in diameter.

More suitable for back garden play and children's use with lightweight mallets is the Jaques Challenge , which is regulation size but weighs just 12oz. Jaques' Challenge are solid plastic with a fine milling patterns designed for extra grip and accuracy and come in all four of the standard colors (red, yellow, blue and black), as well as individually in green and brown for six-player games.

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Croquet Mallet

handmade croquet mallets wood

The finest laser Tuftex Lignum Vitae mallets, as used in the finest Jaques set, The Sandringham 8 player,  are currently being produced from The timbers that was added to Jaques fine wood cellar in 1982. This Timber has to be put in stick for this amount of time due to the density and oil content of the wood. It is the only wood in the world that sinks in water. Lignum Vitae makes the Finest mallets in the world - there is no contest.

Brass bound croquet mallets

Guide to the Finest Croquet Mallets

Consider too the mallets manufactured that feature in the John Jaques Great Exhibiton Limited Edition Set. The Manufacturing of the heads are from Rockwood, another of the finest of woods, which has been carefully seasoned for at least 12 years. Each blank is then hand-crafted and some are hand-fitted with brass rings and others Tuftex faces, and other croquet mallets are manufactured with an inlaid boxwood sightline. Each meticulous step continues, following an unbroken tradition of craftsmanship which began over 200 years ago with the gifted Thomas Jaques.