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Boules, Boules Set and Petanque

All Boules in Boules sets from Jaques feature a 6mm thick wall, making our Boules a cut above all other Boules equipment on the market. All sets that we offer are the finest quality available, beautifully presented and make a wonderful game or a great gift.

Boules, otherwise known as Petanque, is perhaps the sport that is closest to the hearts of the French. Boules originate in France where the game is very similar to English Bowls except smaller metal balls are used and they are generally thrown rather then rolled towards the Jack.

The object of Boules is to throw your balls & usually with somewhat of an arched back-spin ‐ so that they land closer to the small object ball (cochonnet or Jack) than those of your opponent or strike and drive the object ball toward your other balls and away from your opponents.

A proper cochonnet or Jack for Boules is turned from beech wood and is between 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm (1" to 1-3/8") in diameter. It may help to have a brightly-colored cochonnet, especially in conditions of low light but the rules specify that a cochonnet may be stained but not painted. A cochonnet is not regarded as essential since in any gathering of Pétanqueurs, many people can be counted on to provide one.

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