Welcome to our Play Pioneers program!

You have been chosen to become one of our exclusive Play Pioneers, which means that you are already an avid ambassador of Jaques of London products & it’s time to take it to the next level! 

This program gives you more opportunities to spread the word and gain some playful perks at the same time! 


✅Earn payments & gifts for promoting the #powerofplay

✅Get first-look exclusive access to new products

✅Join our FB & IG groups & get networking

✅Free access to Jaques of London Influencer Events

Ready, Set, PLAY….

No, you can pick which missions are suited for you and only complete as many as you want.

Make sure to join the Facebook Community Group to receive your first mission!

This depends on the mission you have completed. All payment or gifting details will be specified in the mission before you partake. Payments will be made to you directly via PayPal.

If you are gifted a discount code, or offering a promo code out to your audience, these are really simple to redeem. Just shop as usual & then add the discount at checkout. Expiry dates are applicable – please refer to the Mission notes for full details.

Just sign into your Dovetale account (the one you used to sign up as a Play Pioneer) and you can see all your ‘Earnings’ in the dashboard.

If you have more questions, you can DM us on Instagram or Facebook (@Jaquesoflondon). Or reach us at pr@jaqueslondon.co.uk

For full codes of conduct for becoming a Jaques of London Play Pioneer, please read these Terms & Conditions.