Top 10 Christmas Stocking Fillers for Toddlers

Christmas Stocking fillers for toddlers are the perfect way to cram in even more seasonal excitement for Santa’s favourite little helpers. With so many toys for toddlers, it can be a difficult task to make sure that you manage to grab the perfect Christmas crackers. So, join Jaques of London as we dig through the snow to uncover the very best stocking fillers for toddlers in 2021.


Bouncing Bunnies

“Both my son and daughter love this toy. Great for learning and fun to play with. I recommend buying it.” – James McCann

Bouncing Bunnies Wooden Toy for Toddlers

Keep seasonal cheer jumping with the hoppy happiness of the Jaques of London Bouncing Bunnies wooden toys for toddlers. Not only are our rabbit rascals an amazing way to develop fine motor skills and precision in youngsters, but they also function perfectly as a merry Montessori toy, bringing sensory satisfaction to solo learning through play.


Let’s Learn to Count Game

“My granddaughter will love this, exactly what she needs before she goes to school, lovely bright colours.” – Steve Grubb

Learn to Count Numbers Game

Bring Santa sums and merry mathematics to Christmas, with the beneficial brilliance of the Jaques of London Let’s Learn to Count game. Learn to count, recognise numbers, and associate figures with quantity. Jaques of London’s educational toys for kids are developed with the direct input of UK teachers – making this mathematical marvel a must for toddlers looking to make learning count.


Lacing Set

“I am very pleased with this game and I'm sure she will get a lot of pleasure out of this as she gets older and can spell and count properly.” – Jennifer Fulton

Learn the Alphabet Lacing Set

String together a lesson in play with the Jaques of London Lacing Set Alphabet Game. The perfect size to fit neatly into any stocking, our wooden toys for babies bring brain blooming brilliance to playtime. Bright and engaging, this adorable animal ensemble will see little ones develop number and letter recognition, whilst building upon fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination – the perfect Christmas combo of cognitive and physical growth.

Let’s Learn Shape Patterns

“Really great multi-purpose activity for my daughter. Great for following patterns, learning colours and shapes and also learning words in other languages. Would definitely recommend.” – L. Seddon

Shape Cards

Christmas colours and seasonal shapes will be making their way down the chimney, with this fantastic wooden toy for kids adding educational excellence to Santa’s bag of goodies. Exciting play for any age, this is the ideal way to play with geometry and discover multilingual merriment with four different languages printed on each and every card.


Foam letters and numbers

“Excellent customer service and delivery. Letters well made and big enough for little fingers to grasp.”B

Magnetic Letters and Numbers

Our festive foam letters and numbers are a lightweight addition to any toddlers stocking, but a heavyweight in educational excellence. Perfect for a wide range of learning scenarios; whether letter and number recognition, forming words, practicing phonics, or becoming consummate in calculation, there is no better way to make sure everything adds up to a perfect kid’s stocking collection.


Dress Up Bears

“Fantastic British made wooden toy/puzzle at a very reasonable price. My two-year-old granddaughter loves it! Great company, prompt delivery with a personal touch. Would highly recommend.” – Gill Howard

Dress Up Bears Role Play Set

Make sure that the porridge is just right this Christmas, as you invite the amazing Jaques of London Dress Up Bears to your collection of Christmas stocking fillers for toddlers. The perfect pretend-play to express creativity for a beary merry Christmas.


Let’s Learn Dinosaur Threading Puzzles

I was very pleased to find this product to help my 2 YO grandson with hand and eye control. – Mrs Linda Jeffrey

Dinosaurs Lacing Puzzles

Bring Jurassic jingles to your winter wonderland, with the cretaceous craftiness of the Jaques of London Let’s Learn Dinosaur Threading Puzzles. Put a name to your favourite dinosaur faces, develop fine-motor skills, and begin a palaeontological journey into the prehistoric. This is one toddler’s stocking filler which is sure to be a roaring success.


Fraction Board

“Teaching my grandchildren all about fractions - They love this! Brightly coloured and fun while learning.” – Jane W

Fractions Board for Kids

Make sure every slice of Christmas cake makes its way to the table in perfect portions, with the Jaques of London Fraction Board. Guaranteeing that your little ones’ stocking won’t be done by half-measures, with each set having the same wonderful finish as all Jaques wooden toys for babies, toddlers, and kids.


Vehicle Puzzle

“Perfect for little ones. Nice quality.” – Judy Koller

Vehicle Wooden Puzzle

Give Santa’s reindeer a run for their money, with the speedy satisfaction of the Jaques of London Let’s Play Vehicle Puzzle. As with all our wooden toys for toddlers, this motorcade of merriment is perfectly made for little hands, with smooth, robust, and lightweight woods ensuring that playtime is never at the finish line.


Classic Animal Puzzle

“Great puzzle!! My 2y old daughter was playing with it every single day. She loved it. Great value for money, would buy again, greatly recommend!” - El

Animals Puzzle

Build a bear, connect a kangaroo, and snap together a crocodile, with the Jaques of London Let’s Learn Classic Animal Puzzle. Brought to life with the brightest water-based paints, this safe play toddlers puzzle will bring the call of the wild to Christmas, as one of the very best stocking fillers for toddlers.


With so many toys and games to bring excitement, learning, and that something special to your Christmas stockings, be sure to pay a visit to Jaques of London; the number 1 stop for all that Santa needs to fill his sack and take to the night’s sky with Rudolph and Co.

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