Afternoon Tea Week 2021 Quiz

It’s Afternoon Tea Week 2021, so what better way to celebrate, than to show your tea-rrific knowledge of the traditional English cuppa. Click through to the quiz for the biggest Tea Party of the year. With Jaques of London, there is nothing but fun ahead – We read it in your leaves.


Get creative with your tea time roleplaying and tantalise your taste buds and playtime excitement, with Jaques collection of fantastic Wooden Pretend Food.

For more fantastic quizzes for kids, take a quick tea break and stop by the Jaques of London Mini Minds Hub – Your number one source for all things fun and factual.

Faith Scanlon
Social Media Executive
Faith has a passion for Creative Marketing and developed these skills to complete a Level 3 Diploma in Social Media Marketing and certification in Content Marketing. Her interest in child education came through as a professional kid’s entertainer, combining the best parts of play and learning together as a celebration. She is currently using her expertise to share our brand with the social community. In her spare time, Faith enjoys writing and managing her own personal blog site, adding yet another feather to her creative cap.

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