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| Mark James

What Age is a 200 Piece Puzzle For?

From the earliest stages, we are all taught to stack, sort, build and craft our way through a foundation course of toddler teaching. Join Jaques of London, as we ask, What Age is a 200 Piece Puzzle For?

| Faith Scanlon

National Pet Month Quiz

How much do you know about your pets? Take our quiz in honour of National Pet Month to find out if you're a cracking companion, four legged friend fanatic, or an ace animal admirer!

| Mark James

What is a Good Age to Start Chess?

Every chess champion has had to encounter their first rallying of rooks and pass the checkmate challenge. From Howard Staunton to Bobby Fischer, all masters of the king of games began with humble foundations

| Mark James

What are the Best Blocks for Toddlers?

The best building blocks should stand on solid ground. At Jaques, we believe that learning and play come together to create the perfect foundations for a brighter future. So, let's take an architectural overview of what are the best blocks for toddlers.

| Mark James

Are Reward Charts a Good Idea?

Let’s set our children on an angelic course towards the best behaviour, with plenty of smiles for company. Join Jaques, as we ask the question, are reward charts a good idea? Read our blog for more.

| Mark James

Top Easter Crafts for Kids

Top Easter crafts for kids should be egg-static fun and ensure that your little bunny buddies are bouncing with joy. We have rounded up the rabbits and collected the chicks. So, join Jaques, as we take a look at the very best in Easter arts and crafts for children of all ages.

| Mark James

How Do You Make Easter Fun For Kids?

Easter is fast approaching. So what better way to have your little bunnies hop, skip and jump their way into the chocolate-filled festivities, than with a selection of egg-citing Easter games and activities? Read our blog for more.

| Mark James

What Are Some Fun Educational Games?

Fun and learning are made for each other, and at Jaques of London, we believe that the most rewarding educational experiences come through getting our kids actively engaged in all that they do. Read our blog to discover more.

| Mark James

What Are the Best Games for Family Games Night?

The best family games nights deserve the best family games to play. That means providing as much fun for grandparents as grand-kids, whilst also ensuring that mum and dad aren't stuck with hours of complicated rule reading. So, let's create some unforgettable memories, as Jaques of London guides you through the very best games for family games nights in.

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