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At Jaques of London, we are committed to ensuring our toys and games are packed full of educational and developmental benefits for kids. Whether it be helping to develop communication skills or aiding learning to count, our toys for 3 year olds are designed to help your child develop and grow. 
Magnetic Fishing Game
An engaging, fun game with educational benefits! Children will enjoy using their magnetic fishing rods to catch the sea creatures. Printed on the reverse of each sea creature is either a letter or a number. Use these to develop an understanding of letters and numbers, deepening visual recognition in a fun and easy way.
ABC-123 Wooden Books
Use this building blocks toy to develop a recognition of letters and numbers. These perfect toys for girls and toys for boys help develop fine motor skills when building and stacking the blocks and early construction skills.
Shapes Matching Board
Introduce your little learners to geometry. Kids will begin to recognise different shapes placing them in the correct slots and matching them with their corresponding half. This is a wonderful way to gradually introduce halves and wholes to your little ones. The bright colours make it easy to develop colour recognition and associate the colours with size and shape.
Hammer Bench
A fantastic toy to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Kids will practice precise hand movements by placing the pegs in the slots and hitting them with the hammer. The bright colours make it easy to develop colour recognition.
Shape Sorter
Introduce your child to geometry at a young age with our Shape Sorter Cube. Teach kids the names of different shapes and develop hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and spatial awareness with this wooden toy. The bright colours allow kids to associate the shapes with colours.
Download a free guide on how to use your shape sorting cube here
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